NWFGS: If I Write You a Song in the Garden Tonight….



Nothing relaxes the senses more than the soft trickle of a fountain.

One of the first gardens I saw when I entered the Northwest Flower & Garden Show was the brilliant and romantic display by Nancy Claire Guth of Artistic Garden Concepts & Van Zanten Landscapes. Instantly I was transported to a quiet nook in a hidden garden. Here was a spot to stop and have that romantic dinner for two.

Continuing on the hot trend of unexpected planters, this table was fashioned to hold a fragrant burst of spring blooms. I am unsure if this was once a old pallet re-purposed, or an old picnic table brought back to life. Either way I loved how they up-cycled this piece to give it a whole new life at the garden show.

Truly a unique garden table!

Planted largely with lush evergreens, rhododendrons and mostly fragrant early spring bulbs, standing too close to this garden inspires a strong desire to stay. This display has given me ideas for my own back yard get-a-way. A secluded little spot to relax and enjoy a glass of wine with my husband.

With three young children, I find it difficult to find the time to get out by ourselves. I have been looking for a way to infuse a little romance into our home garden. A quiet little seating area is fast becoming a necessary addition to our back yard uses. The perfect spot for date night.

Fritillaria meleagris

I was surely charmed, by this gem of the show.



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5 comments on “NWFGS: If I Write You a Song in the Garden Tonight….

  1. What a beautiful setup. I would love to have a glass of wine sitting in a garden spot like this. I can’t wait to see what you come up with in your own yard.

  2. Erin Lau on said:

    I agree this garden had a special magic about it. I was introduced to the flower you have pictured, the Fritillaria by this garden. Thanks for the post 😉

  3. Nancy Claire Guth on said:

    Thanks for the plug. I didn’t actually see this til yesterday, but it certainly took me back. I’m having more fun with Re-characterizing salvaged objects at the 2013 show next month. ‘Electro-cute’ small space garden on the bridge. Same flavor, perhaps just a little more funk. Lots of new applications…cheers…

    • It was a beautiful garden. You did a wonderful job Nancy. Can hardly wait to see what’s in store for us this year! Thanks for stopping by!

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