Its here! #SuperSowSunday has arrived!


Well it’s Superbowl weekend, and I couldn’t tell you who’s even in the game. What I can tell you is that today is also #SuperSowSunday! Like minded enthusiasts from across North America, and possibly the world are tuning out the game, and tuning into twitter for an afternoon of seed talk with some seriously brilliant gardeners!

Have you been itching to get a jump start on spring? To cut your gardening costs by growing direct from seed this year? Me too!

Although I have and excellent record with direct sowing, I’ve always had issues when starting my seeds inside. Well no more! This is the year. Yep. This is the year that I stop hanging out in the shallow end, and jump right into the deep! I’m coming to this #supersowsunday prepared!

I put to use some Christmas gift cards and picked up a heat mat from a local nursery along with a couple extra seed trays and covers. The kind that allows you to water from the bottom! I’ve sourced clear poly to make a new cover for the 2nd hand wire rack greenhouse that found it’s way to me, minus the cover.  I’ve pulled out and cleaned my old seed trays, and I’ve picked up seeds for this years garden!

Can you feel the excitement too?! If you are interested in joining us today at 6:30- 8:30pm ET tonight (that’s 3:30-5:30pm for all of us on the West Coast!) for all the tips, tricks and even prizes on #SuperSowSunday check out the #gardenchat website for more information on how to get started!


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