And so it begins…….


We’ve had a streak of beautiful weather this week, here in the Lower Mainland. I took advantage of it as best I could, spending some time outside. I got my hands dirty, and did a final clean up the veggie beds.

The small crop of potato and baby carrots I planted last fall yielded their final harvest. I enjoyed having fresh veggies from the garden through the winter. This year I’ll be sure to expand the winter garden to include even more vegetables!

With the beds cleaned up, I added  weed protection and nutrients. I laid down strips of newspaper, then a layer of chicken manure on top. A smelly task, but one that comes with the rewards of healthy, nutrient rich soil.  A great way to start the growing season off right!

If you’re adding manure to your beds, now is the time to do it. The garden needs near 120 days before harvest to be able to break down the compost. I would have preferred to have gotten this down last fall, but life often gets in the way. If you are planning to use chicken manure, make sure it is composted manure. The straight stuff will burn any plants already in your garden. Always use gloves, and be careful to avoid breathing it in while you’re at work!

How exhilarating it was to once again be outside! There’s a lot more clean up to come. The front garden is in need of a top dress of compost on all of it’s beds, and the back gardens need some attention as well. I hope to get a few yards of soil this weekend to take advantage of this nice weather. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be back to this vegetable garden to till these beds, and  help break down any left over newspaper or compost. For now, as my son would say: “Mmmmm, mud pie!”


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  1. Kristin on said:

    I did the same thing this afternoon. Got some cleanup done in the garden but still so, so much to do. Can’t wait to plant again!

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