There’s a Little Bit of Magic in the Air at Alouette Christmas Tree Farm!


Once again this Christmas we found our way to Alouette Christmas Tree Farm in Maple Ridge! We came looking for a tree,  but stayed for the memories!

The Polar Express.

Yes, here at the farm there is something magical in the air. Take a deep breath and you’re not just inhaling the cold crisp air, but also the rich aroma of Christmas trees, hot apple cider and the snap & pop of a wood burning fire! Right here we are shaping our children’s vision of Christmas. The tree, a symbol of unity. Not just something bought in the store. Rather something grown and nurtured, then shared, together with family. All while getting the joy of helping our local economy and a small business. Purchasing this renewable resource so close to home.
Win, win, win. 

Even Sir.Grumpypants had a good time, despite his determination not to smile!

When they look back at their Christmas memories, they will remember this. The smell, their breath, the cold winter air. Warming up cold fingers and noses with hot chocolate and cider around the fire. The crunch of needles under their feet, playing hide and go seek in the tree fields. Determinedly trying to convince their Dad that this three foot tree would look “…just so perfect in my room! Pul-ease!!!” Watching their father act like a superhero! Carrying a large & heavy tree, because that is the most perfect one they ever did see! Other than that last one they spotted, of course!

“Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall.”-Larry Wilde

It’s not all that different from the Christmas’ of my youth! Something I am truly thankful for!

If you don't find a live tree that hits your fancy, fear not! Alouette stocks large cut tree's at the front of the farm just for you!

If your looking to add more greenery to your living space this year make sure to check out their fresh made wreaths while your there! Their capable crafters will make them while you wait, or you can pick up a pre arranged master piece. No work or fuss required!

I can vouch for the quality! This year Alouette has stepped up their wreaths by adding more varieties of greenery into the mix! You are likely to find blue spruce, hemlock and even some holly along with your regular varieties! It certainly adds colour and texture to an already lovely wreath!

This wreath was put together with an added twist! Rhododendron fancies up this seasonal favorite!

Alouette Christmas Tree Farm is located at 23083 132 Avenue Maple Ridge, BC. Just off 232nd. They are open Monday-Friday from 12noon to 8pm, Saturday & Sunday from 9am-5:30pm. It is a wonderful place to go make some Christmas memories with your family, or for a date with your sweetheart!

Make it an enchanted evening by taking a ride on the Polar Express on December 19th, 20th or 21st from 6:30-8pm. There will be hot cocoa, stories, crafts and the big man himself! Its $9/per person, children under 2yrs are free!





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  1. They are such a resourceful bunch. This is where I get my blueberries from every year. They delivered them right to my work. We ordered 13 flats. Delicious.

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