Picking Pumpkins at Grant’s Farm in Port Coquitlam!



Living in an area with easy access to local farmlands is sure a treat this time of year! We love to grow pumpkins, but due to their space considerations, they often skip a year in our garden. This year we purchased our pumpkins from our local stand by, Grant’s Farm’s.

Grant’s Farm’s is located at 2420 Burns Rd, in Port Coquitlam. On the cusp of the city, they are located at the end of Dominion ave, just before the dyke.  It’s close location makes it ideal for school tours and preschool field trips, which is what brought us to their door. Grant’s has pre-washed pumpkins plucked fresh from their patch. Lined up on skids in neat and tidy rows, the pumpkins are given good air circulation to keep them from rotting. If the pumpkin is found to be rotting when its time to carve it, they immediately replace it. That type of awesome service is what keeps me coming back. It gives me the confidence to buy that extra large pumpkin, appeasing my excited children, and my inner child. Sorted by size and price, it’s easy to find what your looking for. And boy do they have it all. Giant pumpkins, Cinderella pumpkins, and even pumpkins no bigger than a golf ball!

There’s a gently spooky patch for the young ones 6 & under. For three dollars the kids get a pumpkin and a chance to mingle with some ghouls. I love wandering through their carved display tent, housing some cool and unusually cut pumpkins to inspire, or purchase directly. No mess, no fuss,  and no guts. Unfortunately my recent visit was a little too early to see their intricately carved jack-o-lantern’s all lit up. I think that calls for another trip down there soon. Maybe I’ll fall for another gourd or two. 😉 Ha! Maybe! Who are we kidding!






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