Little Spooks & Friendly Ghosts at VanDusen Gardens!


This past Saturday, the kids and I made our way down to VanDusen Gardens to get our spook on. Little Spooks & Friendly Ghosts was an event geared towards the younger set. With so much to do for older kids in town (Haunted Train, Playland ect.) it is so nice to see the effort VanDusen has gone to bringing the little ones into this fun creative holiday with an event all their own!

The performers were on stilts, awing the crowds with ginormous games of jenga, and juggling lessons! They were talented and full of humor. The perfect mix with kids so young. Every performer we saw was fantastic! They kept the kids giggling and the parents amused.

Jack-o-lanterns covered the landscape, lighting up the night with that spooky kind of fun you can only get from a gourd. Giggles erupted when my kids found the ‘alien’ jack-o-lantern. Joy! Meanwhile, I eyed the new garden beds. Poking my head around corners and under bridges checking out the fantastic details and awesome brick work associated with the new visitor’s centre.

But that’s for another day. Today is Halloween! The kids will be pounding on my door any moment. My own are chomping at the bit to get out there and get trick-or-treating!

Happy Halloween from the Dandelion Wrangler!







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