The Return of Zimsculpt to VanDusen Botanical Gardens!


It’s the height of summer, and Zimpsculpt is bringing the sizzle back to Vancouver!  Breaking up the gray skies and bringing with it the sun. This exhibit of stone sculptures from Zimbabwe has returned to VanDusen Botanical Gardens for its third year! Curator Vivienne Croissette along with Zimbabwean sculptors, Passmore Mupindiko and Patrick Sephani bring an exhibit of more than 300 pieces representing over 50 artists.

Pulling from a long established sculpting tradition, these pieces speak to  traditional themes such as family and spirituality. Yet do so with a unique modern flair. Zimbabwe is home to many of the world’s most notable sculptors.  Which is evident in every spectacular piece thoughtfully and artistically placed through out some of the most lush and beautiful perennial beds in the city!

We made it out to Vancouver this week to help welcome this exhibit back to the garden. We saw the sculptures last year and were thrilled to be invited once again for this sneak peek! What better way to spend a summer’s evening, than with a garden party?


We had a wonderful time wandering the garden. Enjoying the sculptures in the evening light. As the golden sheen showed off the smooth corners, rough edges and subtle curves of the stone. Moments like that make you appreciate the difficulty and sheer genius of a sculptor. Being able to visualize the end, even before they begin. Listening to the stone, to create a master piece! Brilliant!

What followed me home.

If you are in or visiting the Vancouver area this summer, I highly recommend taking the trip out to VanDusen Gardens to see Zimsculpt in this, it’s last year in the garden. It is a special treat that you don’t want to miss! Zimsculpt will be running from August 12- September 25th. All statues are for sale with partial proceeds going to the garden. There is something available for every budget, in every price point. Your sure to find a treasure to bring home for your own garden!



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4 comments on “The Return of Zimsculpt to VanDusen Botanical Gardens!

  1. Now I’ve GOT to go see the Zimsculpt sculptures at VanDusen! The exhibit is beautifully portrayed on your blog. I love your photo gallery. Love from Mom, member of your cheering gallery!

  2. love the new banner and logo!!

  3. Melanie on said:

    Laura I was there last Sunday. It was my first time visiting VanDusen. The sculptures were lovely but the gardens were amazingly diverse and beautiful, worth a repeat visit or two or several, in different seasons.

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