Creating a Two Tiered Children’s Container Garden!


I had a plan to share with you all my first how-to video. Sadly I was hit with nothing but problems during the filming, including a broken camera. I was camera-less for a few excruciating weeks. Although the Children’s garden finished quickly, the video did not. You will have to wait to mock me in film another day.

A different project, another time. Sigh.

The finished product!

My inspiration for this thrifty garden project came through a fellow garden blogger. Unfortunately all trails have gone cold, and I am unable to find the original post, or the original author that inspired my creative streak. If and when I do come across the source, I will update this post.

Without any further procrastination, I will now share with you a pictorial how-to!

How-to make a 2 tier planter without breaking your budget!:

#1 Know where to find your supplies.

I picked up a metal wash bucket on Craigslist for ten dollars. Along with a narrow and tall metal pot for five dollars. These worked perfectly for my 2 tier planter. Costing a low fifteen dollars for the set! Second hand shops and thrift stores are also a great place to find interesting and unique planters for a bargain.

Old wash bucket with pre drilled holes.

#2 Prep your supplies. ***Safety first! make sure to wear heavy duty gloves and goggles while cutting or drilling into metal.***

Check your pots for drainage holes. If they do not already have them in the base make them yourself. Use a metal drill bit with a cordless drill or bench drill to create some holes.

Pre cut by my handy husband.

#3 Create your second tier.

When adding a second tier, cut the bottom off of your pot to allow free drainage into the larger pot. This allows more space for you plants roots to spread out. The process can easily be repeated with a third smaller pot if a third tier is required.

#4 Fill with soil.

Once you’ve decided where your tier will be located, fill the large outer pot and the tier with a good soil rich in organic materials. My pot is filled with a nice blend of potting soil, sea soil and coconut coir.

#5 Get planting!

This container garden was planned with the kids in mind. I took my inspiration from creations I saw this spring at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in Seattle. Their Barbie fine living garden and pool were fantastic! I took the concept and put my own spin on it!

Continuing on my recycling kick I used supplies from around the house. Tiles left over from the initial build, a dish I picked up years ago at a thrift store. With these landscaping aids I set to work. Planning and laying a patio of blue tile. A pond from a candy dish.

I added some signature river rock to make the place feel cozy.

The colours of river rock in rain are stunning!

And that is how I finally arrived back at #5.

#5 Get planting!

A host of plants now call this container garden home. I started with a few knock outs to keep the kids poking this planter all season long!

1 x Rosebud pink Azalea

2 x Proven Winners Superbells Coralberry Punch.

1 x Proven Winners Cherry Star Superbells

1 x Arisarum proboscideum ‘Mouse tails’

1 x Proven Winners Illusion Garnet Lace Ipomoea

1 x variegated Solomon’s Seal

The newly planted children's garden.

The kids put some serious thought into who would join them in this planter. My eldest chose a My Little Pony. My son, Batman. My youngest the old school Playschool ‘People’ Dog.

Elizabeth enjoyed helping me put the patio together for her little critters!

All of this planting and creating occurred this past June. Since then the container garden has grown and filled in . The critters are still around. Some play off, others get added, the fun remains!

The Lost Dog, playing look out!

My daughter has renamed this puppy to be the “Lost Dog”. Which as she explains, is why he is up on the top tier. He’s looking for his owner! Lol!

Superbells Coralberry Punch, next to the beautiful purple foliage of Illusion Garnet Lace.

The Proven Winners Superbells Coralberry Punch has filled the planter with an abundance of bright and wonderful blooms! Creating a cheery sanctuary for toys in need of a little R & R. These are the same fantastic blooms that flank my entry way. They put up with such a variety of use and abuse.  From kids on bikes, backyard balls and flower pickers big and small. Worthy of their name, these superbells do indeed hold quite a punch!

Superbells Cherry Star.

Superbells Cherry Star is another plant introduced to me by the Proven Winners trial program. Their blooms makes a perfect waterside feature. They have such a unique colour. A flush of pink, with a stable yellow star in the centre, adding the perfect contrast to the aqua pool. This flower is super easy to grow and care for. Reaching 7-10″ in height, with a 10-12″ spread. It can take the heat, blazing away in the full sun. My daughter is especially fond of this beautiful bloom. Quite a few have already made it into her book for pressing.

It gives me a special kind of thrill to see the kids enjoying themselves in the garden. This container garden was easy to make and has been a lot of fun for them to play with. I look forward to seeing how it and they mature over time!

***Disclaimer: Many of the plants in this article were given to me by Proven Winners, for trials and testing. ***


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  1. Kristin on said:

    What a fun idea. It looks gorgeous! It reminds of my miniature gardens in that you added some whimsy to your garden. Its a great way to get children involved.

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