Sunny Days at Burnaby Lake!


The boat house at Burnaby Lake.

Last weekend found me at an old family friends wedding reception in my old stomping ground of Burnaby. This place holds a lot of memories. All good. It was nice to wander along the docks of Burnaby Lake, soaking in the sunshine.

Yes, you heard me right. Sunshine, and lots of it.

While June may have been stuck in a perpetual loop of winter-ish weather, the first few days of July have blasted us straight into full fledged summer.

With days like this….. I’m not complaining.

While I normally focus on flowers here on this blog, I would be remiss if I didn’t share the brides spectacular bouquet! I’m amazed at the creative force of my old friend!

Word on the street though, this bouquet very heavy! Oh well, at least you don’t need to put it in water!

Created with love and memories, each of these pieces was borrowed from a close friend or family member. With a base of lace to tie it all together.

Simply stunning!

Such originality, from a one of a kind bride! From me to you, all the best Erin & Mike!


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2 comments on “Sunny Days at Burnaby Lake!

  1. Aaerelon on said:

    What a fun idea for a bouquet! I’m glad you’re finally getting some sun out there. Hopefully it hangs around for the rest of the summer.

  2. Lori E on said:

    Oh that is seriously so cool.
    I haven’t been to Burnaby Lake in years. Such a gem in the middle of the city.

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