Leaping Lillypads at VanDusen Gardens


Deep in thought.

VanDusen Gardens is undergoing a transformation! This fall a new visitor’s centre will open. This ‘Living building’ will not only wow us with it’s innovative designs, but it will also host a great hall, and rooms to accommodate and educate tour groups and classes. As someone who recently took the Master Gardener’s class in the old building during an especially wet winter, I was super thrilled to watch this building come together. No more strategically placed buckets! Woot!

So what brought us to the garden today? Summer vacation, no school and a picnic lunch on the Great Lawn.  We spread out our blanket, ditched the shoes, munched on sandwiches and local berries. Yummmm!

When lunch was done, there was some running to do.

We picked a perfect day to be out in the garden. The weather was fine! Hot even! We took this as a sign to hang out near the waters edge. The kids spotted Koi, and hunted for turtles.

My annual pass has been the perfect cure for those lazy afternoons. No need to do anything more than hang out and enjoy the sunshine. With a blanket, a book, and a hyper active kid….or two, or three… Maybe next week we’ll have better luck in spotting the turtles around the lake đŸ™‚

***Reminder: If your planning a picnic in the Garden please be respectful of the place and its inhabitants and do not leave a mess. Also, while VanDusen does allow picnics, they do not allow bbqs. Enjoy your picnic lunch in the Garden!***


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2 comments on “Leaping Lillypads at VanDusen Gardens

  1. Lori E on said:

    I haven’t been there in a while but I know how beautiful and peaceful it is, right in the heart of the city.

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