Getting my Sugar Fix with Proven Winners Superbells ‘Sweet Tart’.


Stuffed in fabulous turquoise pots that flank my front door, I combined three summer annuals, for a little va va voom and wow factor. This space is a challenge. At any given time there could be as many as three kids, a dog, a couple cats, a bunch of adults and a wheelchair pushing in and out of the front doors. Anything planted here has to be able to tolerate a lot.  It has to thrive on the abuse of doors, shopping bags, children picking flowers, not to mention the heat of a cement slab in full sun.

Using some of the of the trial plants I received from Proven Winners this spring, I combined Superbells Sweet Tart, Superbells Coralberry Punch and Illusion Garnet Lace. Hoping they would gives me that small package wow factor I was looking for. It was worth the wait. Although the plants started quite small, they have filled out nicely. The pretty turquoise pots nearly smothered in hot blooms and fantastic foliage!

Superbells Sweet Tart Calibrachoa hybrid is a lovely candy pink flower with a tart lemon eye. This one will give you a sweet tooth! It has a mounding/trailing habit growing up to 10″ high. It’s spread reaches near 12″, making it an excellent candidate for baskets and containers. This annual will keep it’s sugar high going strong all season long, taking my full sun in stride.


Superbells Sweet Tart.

Add to that a the smoky hues of Superbells Coralberry Punch Calibrachoa hybrid. With a slightly larger profile, Coralberry Punch reaches heights up to 12″ tall with a spread of 14″. This prolific bloomer is heat and drought tolerant and will keep blooming all season long. It’s small petunia-like flowers are super low maintenance, in fact they’re self cleaning.

Automated flowers. Sweet!

Superbells Coralberry Punch.

The final piece to this combo is Illusion Garnet Lace Ipomoea batatas. This garnet red beauty is part of Proven Winners line of Sweet Potato Vines. With a much more compact growth habit than others in the series Garnet Lace has dense branching with deeply cut leaves. It’s unique foliage works in perfect completion with the moody Coralberry Punch, and bright & tangy Sweet Tart Superbells.

Illusion Garnet Lace

This combination is hot hot hot! Luring me in with it’s sweet and sensual charms, Proven Winners Superbells Sweet Tart is the cure for my sugar fix!

***Disclaimer: All of the plants in this article were given to me by Proven Winners, for trials and testing. ***


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4 comments on “Getting my Sugar Fix with Proven Winners Superbells ‘Sweet Tart’.

  1. Rebecca @ In The Garden on said:

    Gorgeous Combination!! I know what you mean about needing the front entry plants to be resilliant. I had been eyeing the superbells, but didn’t end up buying any, I definitely will next year. I’ve always wanted a sweet potato vine, yours is gorgeous. The snail is a great addition too. 🙂

  2. Tamara on said:

    Proven Winners are always great products!

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