What’s Hot on the Rocks: The Fried Green Tomatoes Planter!


I picked a big pot, as I planned on adding perennials to this summer planter.

Sometimes inspiration strikes. I went into the plant store with an idea in mind for this planter, then proceeded to walk out with a host entirely different plants. It helps that I was at Amsterdam nursery in Pitt meadows, and that I had a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket.

So imagine my excitement when I bumped into this beautiful and unique plant down one of their isles. It is a Cardinal flower, or a Lobelia cardinalis ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’. On top of it’s fantastic foliage, it sends up beautiful spikes of scarlet red trumpet flowers in late summer that the hummingbirds love! Well I immediately knew how awesome this perennial would be, and started looking for some companion plants

Loving the contrast I scooped up two Proven Winners Illusion Midnight Lace sweet potato vines to add some drama, and complimented that with the fresh lime green foliage of Lysimachia ‘Aurea’ Golden Creeping Jenny.

The overhead shot! Love the colours of the foliage mixing together.

Once I finished potting the whole thing up I noticed something. Something that I was sure would bother me more and more as the summer progressed. I had not been paying attention.I potted this whole creation to face a certain direction, but didn’t think to look at the drainage holes on the pot. There it was, a big old hole right in the front of this sizzling summer planter.


So I dug it all up & re potted the whole thing. This time making sure that visible drainage hole was facing the back

Much better!

The view from afar.

Although I’m looking forward to the flowers to come, I am thrilled with this planter and all of the fun foliage it’s currently sporting!


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5 comments on “What’s Hot on the Rocks: The Fried Green Tomatoes Planter!

  1. Melanie on said:

    It looks lovely. I think creating garden pictures with foliage is even more fun than with flowers.

  2. Rebecca @ In The Garden on said:

    Gorgeous planter, the contrast is lovely. I do the exact same thing with things like planting holes, or the way a plant faces. I have planted many shrubs and perennials and thought ‘that would looks so much better with a slight rotation’ and dig it up and start over. I try to get it right the first time, but sometimes it changes a little somehow. LOL

  3. Tamara on said:

    Gorgeous planting. Now lets hope for better weather 🙂

  4. Byddi - We didn't come here for the grass... on said:

    It looks gorgeous. I love how the foliage contrasts – so eye-catching even before the flowers come. I’m most impressed too that you dug it up and started all over again to get it perfect.

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