The Wild and Wonderful Split Personalities of Harrison Hot Springs


Those crafty leprechaun's kept moving the rainbow on us!

I escaped the lower mainland last weekend. A summer getaway with my mom, we found our way to Harrison Hot Springs. Chasing rainbows the whole way. As a city girl I have seen rainbows. Ours peek over Burke mountain, and dance over Coquitlam Centre. All distant, but beautiful. Here on the road between Port Coquitlam and the small BC community of Harrison we saw some of the brightest and most beautiful rainbows I have ever seen! On multiple places on the road we saw where the rainbow touched down in a field! At one fantastic moment we saw both ends of the rainbow arcing high over a country farm.

You couldn’t get more clear than that. Good times lay ahead.

Although we arrived with rainbows, we spent the next day stuck in a cloud. In between dips in the springs we wandered the boardwalk and took advantage of the empty beach to take pictures. It was so beautiful there. With the clouds catching on the mountains all around us.

So peaceful and serene. Simply stunning.

A few other souls soaking in the serenity and fresh air.

Life stood still on that beach.

I loved it! I could see why this was a place of healing. This community lacks the commercialization of many other tourist attractions. Nothing to do but relax. Not to say there was nothing to do.

A host of small shops line the boardwalk. We made our way through those too. Picking up some local honey, and tasting homemade peanut brittle.

The beach kept drawing us back. I absolutely loved the way the plants and sand shared their space. Yes there was pristine sand (ripe for sandcastles) everywhere, but with tree’s and shrubs having equal priority for beach side locations.

Not to mention that gorgeous dusty aqua water. Damn!

The hotel also had beautiful gardens. Just a short walk from where the multiple pools that host the Hotsprings, a beautiful manicured garden laid in wait. The perfect spot for a wedding. Or so said the happy couple as they rushed by, smiles beeming!

There’s something fantastic about two people in love. From the wedding, to the dance floor of the Copper room. Couples of all ages were being sweet on each other. It really was a special place.

Hosta's glistening after a light rain.

Our last day at the beach was the polar opposite of the first. The sun was out. It was hot! Summer was reminding us who was boss.

I loved these beach tree's!

Eye candy.

The beach crowd, just setting up for the day!

It was a wonderful weekend! Filled with great company, 2 Martini lunches and hot refreshing pools of water! I’m left with some amazing memories, and the desire to go back soon!

Rain or shine!



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  1. Karen @Back Road Journal on said:

    Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog. The time you spent at the lovely springs must have been so relaxing and memorable.

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