Proven Winners Trial Garden 2011


I love plants! Can you tell? Or is it too subtle?

No?…. Good!

So being a confirmed plant addict I found my way to a few garden events in Seattle this past spring. Including the Proven Winners Outdoor Living Extravaganza! There I got to peruse their plants, learn about their brand and how they go about choosing plants that bloom so continually, with little to no effort or upkeep required. All Superbells® (Calibrachoa) and Supertunia® (Petunia) are self cleaning. Yeah, uh huh, that’s right!

It’s like they’re reading my mind!

So you can see why I was so excited to have this sight greet me at the door!

My garden was chosen to be one of Proven Winners trial gardens for 2011! They sent out boxes this spring to gardeners and garden writers across North America. Trials are the plant industry’s way of measuring how well a particular plant or variety will perform in different parts of the country. Helping to evaluate new varieties. I was thrilled to be a part of this!

I will save you my little girl sequels, and the theatrical jumping on the bed. Sufficed to say, it happened, and we’ll move on to the plants!

Upon opening the box, I quickly realized that somewhere in its travels, the box went sideways. Despite some seriously good packaging 3 plants had gone rouge and scattered themselves across the box. I managed to patch them back together. I babied them up on my covered patio for the last month, waiting for the weather to improve.

Garnet Lace-Ipomoea

Iced Cherry Superbena

Coral Reef Rockapulco

Sweet Tart Superbells

Cherry Star Superbells

Peachy Keen Superbena

Superbells Coralberry Punch

I’ll be introducing a new feature on my blog this summer: What’s Hot on the Rocks. Where we’ll be looking at some sizzling summer pots! You’re sure to see a few of these trial plants make an appearance or two. Along with  some unique DIY’s, and even a miniature garden for the kids!

Stay tuned!

***Disclaimer: The plants in this article were given to me by Proven Winners, for trials and testing. ***


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4 comments on “Proven Winners Trial Garden 2011

  1. Rebecca @ In The Garden on said:

    Lucky you!! What an exciting package to receive. Looking forward to updates, Proven Winners has so many wonderful plants. 🙂

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