A Little Bling for the Baskets: Proven Winners Opal Innocence.


Although it has been rather blah out recently, I have managed to find a few moments to pot up my hanging baskets, and start some of my summer planters for the season. While I was too busy to blog (did I mention the 5 of us all got a stomach bug last week? Double blah!) I did manage to snap a few pictures along the way.

The summer baskets. Soon to be overflowing in blooms!

So what’s inside?

I used entirely easy to care for, plants that are known for multiple and repeat blooms. The colours all circle around the purple and blue tones. With a hit of the occasional pink bloom. In each of the two baskets I planted:

2 x Proven Winners Opal Innocence

2 x Proven Winners Supertunia Priscilla

1 x Proven Selections Incense Heliotrope

1 x Proven Winners Laguna Sky Blue

1 x Proven Winners Snowstorm Pink

1 x Proven Winners Snow Princess

2 x Proven Winners Supertunia ‘Lavender Skies’

2 x Proven Winners Supertunia Giant Pink

Proven Winners Opal Innocence.

I am especially enamored by the Opal Innocence. The picture does not do this beautiful little bloom justice. The name is very apt, as the colour lightly shifts between white blue and pink. They look almost translucent. I am also looking forward to the Supertunia Priscilla. It’s a purple double petunia with a deep purple throat. Stunning.

Now for some sun for these baskets to grow!


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5 comments on “A Little Bling for the Baskets: Proven Winners Opal Innocence.

  1. keewee on said:

    Your hanging baskets are going to be an explosion of lovely color when they fill out. Have a great weekend, it is raining here on the island, spoiling my plans for getting out into my garden.

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