The Bold & Beautiful Planters: Strawberries.


The word at my house is strawberries. Everybody wants them, but who’s going to get them? There are a lot of takers, pickers and out right berry thieves. Despite adequate plants, I rarely seem to get a berry to myself. Giggles erupt. Hushed, but all too excited conversations stop when I happen upon them.

Summer is on its way, only this year we’ve come prepared.

Enter, the upside down strawberry planter.

The upside down planter needs 15 plants to fill. Starting at the bottom, I worked the plants into the lowest layer first. Adding dirt around the root balls as I went. I Built it up layer by layer until it was busting with foliage and flowers! Green berries dangling over the sides, waiting for the kiss of the sun!

Packed full of plants, the strawberry is ready to grow!

Maybe the kids won't be able to reach the top ones!

Their are many great benefits with an upside down planter. With great growing conditions, better drainage, and a high yield of fruit, the planter is also a welcome shock of colour to a slow growing spring veggie bed.

Th bold and the beautiful!

But where would we be with out our battle field strawberries. Those in the ground, left at the mercy of  30 little fingers itching to pinch a berry. There are two rows of regular strawberries. In addition to the row of Alpine strawberry plants that cap the bed.

The lime green row are alpine strawberry splits from earlier this spring.

Just in case that is not enough berries, I’ve stashed away another plant or two else where!


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2 comments on “The Bold & Beautiful Planters: Strawberries.

  1. Kristin on said:

    Who doesn’t love strawberries? I can never get enough of them in June. Hope we have a good crop this year.

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