I think I need another drink.


My post on the VanDusen plant sale is currently in the tubes.  I’ve been rather distracted tonight by Canada’s federal election . I’m a firm believer than one should never drink and blog. So you will just have to wait until tomorrow for all the pictures, and details of what I scored at the plant sale. While you wait, check out this article from Frank Luba with the Province newspaper. For your amusement there is also video!


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4 comments on “I think I need another drink.

  1. You’re famous now! 🙂

  2. Marguerite on said:

    funny how many posts I’ve seen today on facebook how disappointed that harper is in a majority. But somebody must have voted for that man. who the heck did that? (for the record I went Green, I was incredibly insulted that Elizabeth May wasn’t allowed in the debates and decided she needed more support)

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