Time Capsule


Time Capsule

By: Laura Thomas

From here, the dirt beneath my toes,

The promise of Port Coquitlam grows.

Together with family, from eldest to tot,

We grow and create memories for a time capsule in this spot.

What would be inside that locked tight case?

A moment of delight, memories not to be erased.

A flattened penny from the tracks would go first,

Then a whip of Cherry blossoms about to burst!

A seed of promise from where the city and farms meet,

A blast of sea air as the rivers greets.

Cherished memories of festivals in the park,

Time well spent with friends after dark.

Fireworks that fill the night,

With a flurry of wings, a Blue Heron takes flight.

This is the message that I wish to send,

A hope, these days will never end.

**Winner of the 2011 “I Love my City” contest, Port Coquitlam.**


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4 comments on “Time Capsule

  1. Tamara on said:

    Love your poem! Sounds like Po Co is the place to live 🙂

  2. I need a poem on why I sooo love your poem.

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