Wordless Wednesday: Escaping the Ordinary at the NWFGS.



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5 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Escaping the Ordinary at the NWFGS.

  1. Marguerite on said:

    This must be the sequel to the Garden Show. I do love that little piggy nestled in his hay among the flowers.

    • Laura on said:

      Yes, they are the show gardens. The piggy was part of a game for the kids. They had to run around and find all the piggies that were hiding in the displays for a prize. The kids we saw seemed pretty amused with the hunt!

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  3. Suzy on said:

    You took a bunch of the same shots I did. I always wish the lighting was better or my camera was better! Saw your post featured on facebook. The meetup sounds fun. I have been slow getting my pics on my blog. Need to do that this week before spring REALLY is here lol.

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