NWFGS: The Dish & the Dirt.


After my whirlwind of pictures, here, here, and here, I thought we’d get a little closer. Cosy up with the blooms of the Northwest Flower & Garden show!

I got to the show on the Friday, bright and early for the #nwfgstweetup. It was quite something to meet so many of the bloggers who I regularly read. To have a laugh with local bloggers, with whom I never met until I crossed the border and went adventuring in another country!

Honestly, it funny how the internet can be. You meet such a variety of people online. With garden folk, (much like everyone else) you create an image in your head of who a person is, or what they would be like to sit down and talk to. Reality is a little more harsh, and generally disappoints. Well when my worlds started colliding, I found most everyone I met and chatted with was a mirror image of their online selves. Maybe it’s just that way with gardeners. We wear our true selves on our sleeves. Our passion flows into the plants, then it’s out there, for the world to see.

We are a bold quirky bunch. Filled with humor and warmth. What I saw at the show wasn’t just gardeners gabbing, but artists pouring their hearts and souls into plants, ideas and mini revolutions. It was a wonderful thing to be a part of.

Going to the tweetup was a fun way to start off my day at the show. Being able to walk amongst the flowers and attempt those perfect photo moments without the fuss and busyness of a full Friday crowd was a real treat. No one was walking in my light, messing with the shadows, or leaning into frame. It was awesome! I sure hope the show does this again next year, as I will make sure to attend!

Save the date people!!! February 8-12th, 2012!

I had a very strong urge to bring home some of these Orchid’s! So many colours & varieties. I had a flashback from my recent trip to Costa Rica! Not wanting any border trouble I avoided them.

Lets salivate over these luscious blooms, shall we?


This Saturday March 5th, 2011 come meet some local gardeners down at VanDusen Botanical Gardens Manure Sale! Help out their garden and yours by picking up a 20kg bag of manure for $5. It’s first come first serve from 10am-3pm. I’ll be there in the morning with my kids, getting a couple bags for our garden!

Keep your fingers crossed that the snow has finally left, and maybe, maybe we can start doing more than just planning for spring!


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12 comments on “NWFGS: The Dish & the Dirt.

  1. Heather at Dusty Bay on said:

    Great post, I like what you said about garden people!

    • Laura on said:

      Well it was an interesting experiment for sure. I went to the show by myself (hubby ended up having to work from the hotel room) The only people I knew at the show, I had only met online. Still people were so warm and welcoming. It felt like home. A big garden family!

  2. heathersurbangarden on said:

    I loved the first picture of Orchids, It looks like some Ballet girls, standing on one leg, arms out, lined up puting on a show. The last one looks like a mexican dancer all dressed up.

    • Laura on said:

      Yes! Very much a row of ballerinas! That orange flower! What a character! I’ve been falling for Orchids as of late.

  3. Marguerite on said:

    I complete forgot that bloggers were meeting at that show! That must have been very exciting (and a little terrifying?). I’ve wondered before what it would be like to meet internet friends. I’m an introvert normally so I quake at the idea but I’m also fascinated. So glad to hear that this went well and you had a great time.

  4. Tamara on said:

    Love your photos of the garden show. Too bad we missed it!

  5. Carrie on said:

    Beautiful gardens! I think I could only dream of creating anything like that since I have no idea what plants work where.

    I guess I will just need to get you over to help me 🙂 Can’t pay much…perhaps some clothing for Penny? LOL

  6. Love the pictures of the orchids! One of my favorite flowers. Interesting what you said about meeting bloggers… I never really thought about it. I guess I didn’t really realize there was anything like an “online personna” so I’d be curious to meet people in real life.

    • Laura on said:

      I could take pictures of Orchids all day 🙂

      I do find people online do have personaes, although sometimes they are just assumed ones by the reader. I’ve heard of hipster woman bloggers being men, or people just plain misrepresenting themself’s. Yet I haven’t found any of this to be true of garden bloggers.

      Could just be I’m cynical 😉

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