I Caved.


Caution has met the wind in my garden and is fluttering around the place all willy nilly.

An early spring crocus peeking out from a blanket of fresh and vibrant Sedum 'Gold mound'! Ahhh, spring is near!

I’ve been cleaning up.

I said I wouldn’t. I know I shouldn’t. I can hardly contain myself!

So on this a fine sunny February afternoon. My daughter and I cleaned up bits of last years garden. We poked some plants, and I showed her how to spot the signs of new growth. She’s a very curious kid.

She wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Despite the early spring yuck factor. Some plants are more like goo in the spring, than decomposing organic matter. Still she dove in, with out gloves (sniff…I’m so proud!) We talked about getting some winter flowers for the pots, maybe some pansies. She enjoys getting to pick out the flowers, and I enjoy her company.

Elizabeth loves the crocus’. They mirror her sunny disposition.


Next week is the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. I will be attending,  poking around the gardens hoping to get some fantastic spring inspiration! We’re doing Seattle all get away style. Sans kids. We love them to bits, but the excuse for some alone time was convenient and well deserved.  Plus, plants!!!!

While at the show, I’ll still be checking out the Container gardens, the gate challenge, and of course the Children’s garden.  I’m looking for some fresh air activities for the kids for this season, projects, and fun ways of incorporating them into garden life!

I’ll be blogging from the event. Not quite live blogging (oh don’t I wish!) but still, I’ll be doing a daily wrap up post each day to keep you abreast of everything you.need.to.know. I’ll also be at the tweet up on Friday morning! I’m looking forward to the opportunity to meet so many of these fabulous, bloggers, writers and gardeners that I’ve come to admire on line and IRL. The added perk of a near empty convention center filled with gardens to play in, all before they open the doors to the general public that morning. Yeah, that’s pretty neat too…..


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8 comments on “I Caved.

  1. Heather at Dusty Bay on said:

    Oh lucky you going to the garden show! I’ll be looking forward to your posts. Lovely pics too, great colour!

  2. Melanie on said:

    That crocus looks like sunshine Laura. Have a good time at the garden show.

  3. Kristin on said:

    We are going to have so much fun at the show! Only 6 more sleeps, not that I am counting, lol.

  4. Crocus in Feb! I’m on the wrong side of Canada 🙂

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