Composition in the Garden: A Day of Pictures at VanDusen


It has been said that I take too many pictures. I know. Shocking, right?

This is not a flaw.

Opinions on it vary. If you pull on my Husbands ear, the story would be told with a dire tone. That folks would be the sound of IT Professional in his natural habitat. He seems to think I take up a larger than normal amount of space on the hard drive. Silly husband, I take up just the right amount of space ūüôā

Anywhoo, Michael regularly makes sure that the computer doesn’t¬†interrupt¬†my blogging and photo collecting with silly little messages like ‘insufficient space’ or ‘fatal error’ or any other such nonsense that it feels like telling me. So once again I’d like to thank him for being a regular miracle worker. Thanks Honey!

Because of his ability to negotiate on the term ‘limited space’ I am able to go to fun days like last Saturday. I spent a sunny morning and afternoon with a friend at VanDusen Gardens. We took in a photography workshop on ‘effective photo composition’ with photographer Ron Long.

We had a great time. We learned how to take apart a photo, and see what is working and what isn’t. Learning how to effectively¬†criticize¬†our work, and how doing so helps build better photo’s. It was a great opportunity to re look at how I take pictures in the garden. While his talk was not¬†exclusively¬†focused on garden photography, I am told he will be hosting a workshop on ‘flower photography’ this May. I be following up on that!

So without further ado, I give you my edited down, miniature version of selected photo’s from Saturday’s class. It is safe to say, I only posted a few of the hundred plus I took¬†during¬†our hour long stroll through the garden. While I do not think that any of them are really completely effective photographs, I did learn a lot while taking them.

I dream of the day I can finally get a digital SLR! Despite my enthusiasm, this point and shoot can only do so much!


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2 comments on “Composition in the Garden: A Day of Pictures at VanDusen

  1. Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves on said:

    I quite like the stone sculpture shot. Very interesting. I’d love to take a photography class. Unfortunately I’d love to do a lot of things so this just gets added to the pile.

  2. Excellent photos!

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