The Merger


I’ve finally done it. I left blogspot for the greener pastures of my own domain and the freedom that it brings. will now be hosting my blog, and with it (he, he!) we added in my previous blog too! So the new and improved Dandelion Wrangler is an amalgamation of my two past blogs, The Dandelion Wrangler (blogspot) and What Grows Here (blogspot). It’s nice to have history. It’s fantastic to have it finally all in the same place!

A cosy spot in the Garden

Expects some blips as I find my way through this new system. There’s lot’s to still do. Like import my blogroll so I can once again find all my garden peeps! A linky section still needs to go up, and a video area. Oh yes, it will be glorious. On the super cool side the husband has made my old blog redirect you to here! It has a nifty sign and everything! Things are still being tweaked all over. It will take a bit of time to piece it all together.

Props to the Husband with his awesomeness. Without him I’d be all “what the who the wha???? Com-pu-tor?”

So with all that in mind, head on over to my new ‘About’ page. Let me know what you think. I never know what to write in those spaces!


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4 comments on “The Merger

  1. Looking good. It is always so nerve wracking to make a big change like this. A change is good for sure.

  2. Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves on said:

    Cool! I like the new digs. Make sure you install the redirection plugin. Even if you used feedburner you will need to redirect the feed (even though they say you don’t they lie). Your new move broke your feed in my reader. Don’t want to lose all your old readers!

    • I understood half of that! Lol! Thanks for the tip, I will look into it. In times like these I remember a great episode of Will & Grace where a Candy Striper tells grace that she keeps taking the nursing exam, but “it’s like, really, REALLY hard!” 🙂

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