A Winter Walk at VanDusen Gardens


The Master Gardener program at VanDusen Gardens has been going really well. We are three classes into the series. This week was spent learning about herbaceous plants with speaker Egan Davis from VanDusen Gardens.  He was an animated speaker with a talk that was interesting and often humorous. It was a great day of plant talk ending with a walk through the garden.

The natural state the perennial bed is left in, gives winter interest and habitat for the birds.

I look at the beds in the garden, covered by their own clippings. Naturally left to mulch through the winter. It may not be what comes to mind when you think of a beautiful perennial bed. Although it is. It really is.

The Pampas grass would still be standing if not for recent snow falls.

Perennials left to seed, a striking display of warm browns, on an otherwise grey day.

The bones of deciduous trees in winter can be stunning!

Not everything in the garden was dormant though. Life is sparking in little places here and there. The interesting thing about being a gardener is that you see spring, long, long before the calendars flip. Egan said it well when commenting that he only sees winter as the duration where the Christmas lights are up, after that it’s really just early spring. I agree with that.

This Stonecrop sedum already has rosettes poking through the soil.

A Hellebore flower emerges.

This Euphorbia has taken quite a drenching, but still looks good!

Carnivorous plants in the bog pots.

Just waiting for a snack!

Say what you want about it being winter. I’ll agree. It sure is. Still, everywhere I look these days I am seeing signs of spring, and I am quite okay with that!

Heron Lake in the rain.


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6 comments on “A Winter Walk at VanDusen Gardens

  1. After an almost sunny day yesterday, I am certainly in a spring frame of mind.

    To growth!

  2. Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves on said:

    There are little crocus sprigs poking their heads up in my garden. Yay to the upcoming spring!

    • I’ve got a couple poking their heads. I couldn’t quite get a picture. In another day or two they’ll be just big enough.

  3. Marguerite on said:

    Laura, lucky you taking master gardeners! I’m very jealous. Isn’t Egan wonderful? by far one of the best teachers at Van Dusen. It’s hard not to get captured by his enthusiasm. By the way, when I try to put your new blog into my blogroll it’s still taking me to the old blogger. Any way to correct this?

    • He really is a great teacher. I’ve really enjoyed all of the teachers I’ve met! It’s so wonderful to meet such passionate people! I am really enjoying the class! Thanks for letting me know about the problem. I’ll let Michael know, and see if we can get it sorted out. I’ll get back to you 🙂

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