Wreath Making at Alouette Tree Farm


This Christmas I decided to stuff my fake wreaths back into storage in favour of the real thing. You can’t beat a real wreath for smell, texture and colour! They add a flash of warmth and seasonal joy. An enchanting sight to welcome me home! So how to do it? I needed a little help, and a whole lot of guidance from Santa’s helpers over at Alouette Tree Farm in Maple Ridge.
I signed up for their wreath making class. Having not one but two lovely doors at my entrance I opted to make two. Balance is a good thing, and my mother in law got to be the recipient of a lovely wreath for her front door so my need for symmetry could be played out!

The wreaths are made of trimmings from the local trees. They are fresh! As evident by my sappy fingers!I played in the ornaments and placed things here and there until I felt it looked right. I had a lot of fun fumbling around with the bows! All butterfingers, it was a mess! Luckily wire holds anything together, and ribbon with wire edges is forgiving.

I tried not to worry that they weren’t entirely alike. I accepted from the outset that they couldn’t be identical, which gave me a lot more freedom in my designs. Then with a little help twisting wire through the pine cones, I twisted all the pieces into place. Not to shabby for only $20 dollars a piece! They really brighten up the entryway! Reports for Mother in Law are highly favorable.

I have my balance. All is right with the world.
I hung the wreaths with a couple of the 3M removable hooks, which hold them remarkably secure.
If you look closely each wreath has a little bird perched in amongst the bobbles and pine cones. A flash of feathers behind the petals of a poinsettia.
I will be doing a follow up post this week on our visit to Alouette Tree Farm with the kids to pick out our Christmas tree. With a train ride, hot apple cider, hot dogs and popcorn it’s certainly worth a visit! Do check it out if you are in need of an outdoor adventure in amongst the trees.
The Deets:
Alouette Tree Farm
23083 132 Avenue
Maple Ridge,BC
(604)466-4997 or (604)463-7430

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7 comments on “Wreath Making at Alouette Tree Farm

  1. Lori E on said:

    My father in law was landscaper and every year he would enlist his sons to help make a ton of wreaths that he sold and gave away. The kids didn't really enjoy that job.Later in life we received a beautiful fresh wreath for our door every year and it is something I really miss. Thanks for the lovely memory. Your wreaths turned out beautiful.

  2. David and Janelle on said:

    Beautiful wreaths, Laura! Thanks for the awesome blog post :).Janelle H

  3. meemsnyc on said:

    You can't beat the real thing! What gorgeous wreaths! And what a fun class!

  4. @Lori it's so amazing how a little smell or a twinkle of an ornament can invoke such memories during the holidays! I'm glad I could be a reminder of good things!@David & Janelle thanks! We had a great time at the farm!@Meemsnyc it was a great time! There were some really fun ladies in the class with me!

  5. Nice job!

  6. The Redneck Rosarian on said:

    These look great! I love projects like this.

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