Making Christmas Centre Pieces, Complete with Aliens!


So it seems I’m making centre pieces this year. It’s a first for me. Never a place I’ve gotten my craft on before, I’m breaking new boundary’s, trying new things! Yadda yadda yadda. In reality I’m still skating a high from those wreaths I did last week. I’m pretty sure I can do anything now, lol!

Anywhoo having a lot of extra supplies left over from our trimming of the Christmas tree, I thought I’d put the excess materials to good use. I picked up a few containers from my favorite second hand shop Value Village, and pulled another out of storage that I had picked up previously.
My first attempt at a centre piece (ever!) turned out pretty good! I love this container! I gave it to a fiend of mine who recently had a baby. Hopefully it will keep their dining room smelling divine all winter!
Centre piece number two was another gift. This time to my MIL who was feeling under the weather.
By the time I finished that one, I was getting a little sad that I had yet to make one for myself. Well that was easily remedied by centre piece number three! Custom made for my dining room!
I started with a basket. A really cool looking basket. It kind of looks like a sled, no? Yet another great find for a solidly inexpensive price!
I used the green gardener’s block. I honestly can’t remember the correct name for these, so gardener’s block is what I’m going with! This is the type that can hold and store water. (note: If your using lots of live plants in your creation, it’s not a bad idea to dunk your pre shaped block in a bucket of water for a little while. That way you don’t have to flood your creation with water later.) I then carved it into shape with the help of a steak knife. This stuff cuts so easily, you can custom fit any shape!
Once I had my pieces in place I made sure the hole I created in the middle would fit my poinsettia. Then I started cutting up my tree trimmings.
This is where our story takes a wild turn! Aliens! Sometime during my pruning earth had been taken over by these strange and bizarre creatures. Luckily they’re friendly.To keep my sanity through all of this a good cup of coffee joined my in my craft. I like this cup. It says a lot about how I see the world.
Anywho, during all of this I was sticking pieces of Christmas tree into the green block. Stuffing it so full that you couldn’t see the gardener’s block any more.
I added a few twigs of plastic berries and some sparkly fake flowers to circle the very real poinsettia. At the very end, my daughter helped place the bird.
I really enjoyed creating these centre pieces. Which is good, as I’m already getting requests for more!


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9 comments on “Making Christmas Centre Pieces, Complete with Aliens!

  1. Marguerite on said:

    once again your genius with containers and plants has come shining through. These are wonderful.

  2. Gorgeous. Please feel free to create one for me if you are so inclined ;)And those aliens look very familiar…I think I had one from another tribe at my house a few weeks ago LOL

  3. Those look amazing! Great job!

  4. That Bloomin' Garden on said:

    The arrangements look fabulous! still have to do mine.

  5. @Marguerite awww, thanks! I find some neat stuff!@Carrie Noted 🙂 Freaky little aliens! They get around!@Jen thanks!@That Bloomin' Garden it looks like I have a few more to do! I've really enjoyed making them. Good luck with yours!

  6. I love the centrepieces – go you! I have never attempted any myself. Perhaps I will follow your lead. 🙂

  7. Janine Robinson on said:

    i love the little birdie in the centerpiece! gives it a life of its own! fun ideas!!

  8. @Amber Oh do make a few! They are really simple and very gratifying to make! Plus your hands smell like Christmas tree when your done!@Janine Robinson I didn't know if the bird would work, but I like him there. I figured it's pretty Christmas-y. You know the whole white bird, peace on earth thing!

  9. the sea on said: Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

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