Finding Christmas at Alouette Tree Farm


Over the weekend the Husband and I took the kids out for in the early evening to Alouette Tree Farm in Maple Ridge to pick out our Christmas tree. They have 15 acres of, with almost 3/4 of which devoted to tree’s. That a lot of oxygen, baby! For every acre of trees enough oxygen is produced to sustain 18 people! Once a field is cut, it is replanted. Thus, these tree farms are a highly valuable renewable resource….. They smell good too. Bonus!

The tree hunt was the main attraction, but the visit was so much more than that! We started the fun over at Snowflake Stable where we made nice with the barnyard animals. There were ducks and chickens and goats keeping the kids amused.
You got to love how friendly the goats are. They are always willing to eat something from a kid. A shoe, their hair, the edges of gloves. My child wisely chose hay.

The kids loved the animals! I’m honestly not sure which were making the majority of the animal noises while we were there, the critters or the kids?!The barnyard was the perfect place to keep the little ones occupied while we waited for the next train tour of the farm!
Yes, I did say train son! (Insert excitable 3 yr old here)
Even Santa was around enjoying the festivities!
We enjoyed some hot apple cider fireside. Oh Mom’s, they cleverly have a pitcher of water handy to cool down the kids drink! It’s like they know!Once done all of our goofing around we got down to some serious tree negotiations. The kids had there opinions of which tree we must take home, and I had my own. My husband’s opinion was entirely movable by the dollar figure attached to a tree (har!). We had a lot to choose from Alouette farms grows four types of fir trees: Douglas, Grand, Fraser and Noble.
In the end we couldn’t decide between the ones in the field. We were inexplicably drawn to the enormous cut Fraser firs lined up near the entrance. I was shocked at the prices, in a good way. For my 11′ tree, we paid only $45! So I was happy. The Husband was happy, and the kids were ecstatic!
I will openly admit we played a little Russian Roulette with our tree choice. After spending over an hour looking at all types of trees, we ended up taking one that was still all wrapped up. We decided on this type and size due to the floor models already out on display. It could have gone horribly wrong choosing without seeing it with it’s arms laid out. But to me, more important than a bare patch here or there, a tree’s health is vital. The one we chose, while identical in size to its pre hung friends had a darker green colouring, and the needles just seemed all together healthier. I didn’t need to see the body to know that it was the one!
Once home we had to take another foot of f the bottom to help it fit under our 9′ roof. With star, we just made it!And as for the Russian Roulette, well… I came out a winner!


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4 comments on “Finding Christmas at Alouette Tree Farm

  1. Kristin on said:

    Looks like a fun day for all and a beautiful tree!

  2. Marguerite on said:

    Gorgeous tree, you did well. It looks like that star is actually touching the ceiling!

  3. Looks like a winner to me too. What a great place. I am close enough to suck up some of that oxygen they produce there I think. Lucky me.

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