Snow Day…..Hooray!


Late last week we had another good dump of snow. This time the Vancouver rain did follow. Virtually all of the 10-12 cm of snow that fell has all but melted away.
Cheers for the drivers of course. The kids however could have used a few more days to play!
They made the most of their afternoon in the snow. Michael certainly got his workout! Whipping the kids up and down the street on their sled. I think he was happy to finally retire to the front yard and set up the toboggan run!
That little strip of grass yearly becomes the best sled run around. Likely they’ll bore of this kiddy hill eventually, but for now there is still fun to be had!

If only we’d get a little more snow!
On a slightly side note, all this snow has been making me think about Christmas Lights. I’ve been jealously watching the neighbor’s lights glowing through the snow for a week now. I know it’s still early but, egad! with all of this snow it just seems wrong not to have the Christmas lights up! The bulk of our Christmas garden won’t be up and running until December 1st, although a few may flicker on and off before then. Stay tuned for a post chalk filled with the lights and colours of the season!


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6 comments on “Snow Day…..Hooray!

  1. Marguerite on said:

    There's nothing like seeing kids enjoy the snow. They certainly know how to live in the moment!

  2. meemsnyc on said:

    It looks like a fun snow day!

  3. The Clip Cafe on said:

    OH! Snow lovely – hope to go again to see snow one day soon 🙂 They look like they are having a ball!

  4. Maxabella on said:

    I'd love to live where it snows (Sydney unfortunately is never going to get there!!) What fun for the children. I imagine that it is rather difficult as well, though? How do you get anything dry over winter!? Thanks for linking today. I like your beautiful garden and blog. x

  5. Show Me Mama on said:

    Wow, It looks like they were enjoying themselves. Wonderful! I am your new follower. You can follow me back at Make sure you leave a comment so I know you visited.ShowMeMama

  6. juststopspeaking on said:

    Oh I just want to transport myself into your garden – just for an hour….Please x

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