Kicking out the bucket!


Back in the spring I talked a little about what my city was doing to try to encourage waste diversion, specifically by adopting a collected composting system. To help inform and encourage the community to participate in their program they gave away bags of compost and a pail to collect your kitchen scraps in.

All and all I found it an effective campaign. All over the lower mainland, local governments are being forced to change due to ever climbing dumping costs. Becoming greener and cleaner is becoming more cost effective, and more popular. Our city has been receiving wide praise for it’s efforts.

Back at home there are faults in the system. So I’ve been looking at ways to make this easier for myself. My prevailing problem is that I am bursting the capacity of my little pail, graciously given to me by the city. While fantastic in theory, in practice it was wa-y too small. Our living space is on the second floor. Which means I would need to do near daily trips down to the compost bin with my overstuffed pail. While that might be doable for some, I attempt it while juggling three small children who want to come with me/scream at the top of the stairs for my return. Fun right?! My temporary solution was a paint bucket, but that was messy and not very functional. Cut to this last weekend, when I stumbled upon the perfect container to solve my dilemma! Yay! Bye bye bucket. I can’t say I’ll miss you!

I picked up this Norseman 46.5L container at Rona. It lid is easy to open, as well as close and lock. It has a strong handle at the back and comes with wheels for easy mobility. It is perfect
It seems the city has also been looking for ways to make things easier for the user. They are looking for ideas on how to encourage more people to get composting. I will be attending a waste workshop tomorrow hosted by the city. If you have any ideas, or examples of what your community is doing, pleas let me know in the comments, or shoot me off an email!


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7 comments on “Kicking out the bucket!

  1. Marguerite on said:

    Laura, we have that same waste bin at home. It's great because of the locking system so animals can't get into it! I actually keep two compost pails in the house. The first pail is used for items I wouldn't normally compost myself (cat litter, meat, paper products). These go into the provincial compost which has proper facilities to deal with such items and the second pail is vegetable scraps that go into my personal compost bin. One of the issues I find with composting and recycling in addition to garbage is the amount of space needed in our home to store these things between pick ups.

  2. @Marguerite I do the same. Bones and cooked foods go through the city's system, everything else into my backyard composter. I will be going back for a second one this week. I just wanted to test drive it out before committing to two.Storage is a real problem here too, as many keep their bins inside to keep them away from the animals. From spring until fall(bear season here) the city picks up the greenwaste/composting every week. This was implemented after airing our concerns about storing waste for so long. The extra pick ups were a definite improvement to the system.

  3. meemsnyc on said:

    Oh wow! This is so impressive! If only New York City could be so progressive with composting! We have a program here in New York, and once they gave out compost bins for free. However, the program kinda stalled because of budgetary problems. All the trash in New York City is carted outside of the city and taxpayers pay Millions a year for this. If only we could organize a city wide composting effort like the one you have in your city. That would be truly amazing!

  4. We just got kitchen waste collection here in Coquitlam a little over a month ago, so I'm still working the bugs out. But I'm really glad to see my garbage output going down. I compost already, but I also eat meat, and so a lot of food waste was going in the trash. I'm glad to divert that to a municipal composting system.

  5. @meemsnyc I remember hearing once about how much food gets trucked in to NY and it shocked me! It was a tv special that was talking about plans for vertical farming. High rises that are built to grow food! It sounded like such a great idea! I wonder how that initiative is going??@Amber we've cut down a lot! What with the reduction in garbage pick up and the increased composting! It make me feel good to know we're throwing less away!

  6. just wondering how you compost the meat and bones- all the sites I have looked at say not meat no bones- just how difficult is it – is special machinery need to chop the bones up? thanks

    • Hi Deb, it is difficult to compost bone in home composting systems. Bones need high heat to break down, which you don’t get with a backyard composter. I dispose of mine in our city’s collected compost bins. They take it to Richmond Sand and Soil, where they have the facilities to do that.

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