Creating a Spectacular Spring Lawn!


An article of mine was featured in Organic Gardening & Farming Magazine (OGFM) on creating a crocus lawn. I had a lot of fun planting my crocus lawn! I am looking forward to seeing the results this spring, and for years to come! I am posting the text of the article below, but you can read the article yourself, and check out more of my spectacular pictures here on page 24 & 25!

Creating a Spectacular Spring Lawn!
By Laura Thomas

The promise of spring is what keeps me going through those cold winter months in the Pacific Northwest. The air crisps, and the leaves brighten and dance through the skies, leaving the trees limbs bare. During this time I am hard at work closing up my garden for the winter. Digging and planting, with visions of colourful blooms spinning through my head. I plot and plan my spring garden.

Some say that planting a bulb is a leap of faith. Depositing it underground, deep under the soil in fall is a cold and dirty task. Once planted, it is left for months under the dirt to simmer and grow. Not showing the outward appearance of progress until the first tips of growth pop out of the soil in early spring. It is this faith in nature that keeps me hunting down deals on value packs of bulbs. Jumping from store to store, throughout the fall until I have everything on my list. This year I am taking my faith in Mother Nature one step further, by planting a Crocus lawn.

Crocuses are a strong flower. Often the first to bloom in the spring, they push their way up long before the rest of the garden has started to wake. Taking full sun to part shade they grow through rock, dirt and grass. Emerging to brave the coldest of days. Protected from frost by a waxy cuticle they bloom through late snowfalls. Available in a range of colours this long lived bulb thrives on being the first to show off their spring fashions.

Crocuses are a petite flower, perfect for small and large gardens alike. Because of their small stature they also intermingle perfectly into the grass. Clean up is a breeze! Their early bloom time means their foliage is starting to fade just as the lawn needs it’s first cut. Their maintenance couldn’t be more simplified.

As the stature of the crocus is petite, a large quantity can be needed to create a big impact in the garden. The charm that a grass display has is that fewer can be used to create a beautiful scene. Even so, these feisty little flowers are easily naturalized. Given the time, even a small amount of crocus bulbs will reproduce to build a profusion of petals.

Some of the most inspiring lawns I’ve ever seen hold their court in the spring. Surprisingly I did not find these original works of art at any of the public gardens I regularly visit, although I’m sure many have similar displays. No, the ones that tease my heart lie closer to home. A spacious meridian stuck between two lanes of traffic. A derelict house near the forest, that hasn’t been tended to in years, yet still blooms a stunning display without fail every spring. Large swaths of lush green grass, sprinkled with crocus blooms. Adding that touch of whimsy that makes you feel like a kid again. The urge to romp in the lawn is strong. As it could be potentially embarrassing to be caught frolicking in a neighbor’s grassy field, or in a meridian, or in front of a derelict house. I decided to create my own!

With a flair for the dramatic my spring lawn will transition from a plain grass strip to become a canvas of colour. From blah to brilliant, with little to no effort. My mess free project was filled with anticipation and a desire for the unconventional. With nothing more than a spade a pair of boots, and a bag of Crocus bulbs, I got to work.

Piercing my spade through the sod, the turf only needed to be slightly lifted to tuck a crocus bulb in. I created a completely random pattern across the narrow strip of grass that outlines my garden. Stomping the sod back into place after each bulb was dropped, I was done. It was really that simple. Combined with their easy clean up, my crocus lawn can be left virtually unchecked. Running on auto, this will become a permanent feature of my spring garden.

So now I wait. Assured in the knowledge that Mother Nature knows what she’s doing. Certain that come spring I will have my very first crocus lawn.


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2 comments on “Creating a Spectacular Spring Lawn!

  1. James Mann on said:

    What a wonder picture was painted with this article. Wish I could write like that.

    We have Crocuses in our front yard garden on either side of our front porch and there are a few throughout the lawn but after reading this article I plan to start adding them to our lawn each year.

    They are the first thing in our yard that says Spring and I look forward to seeing them every spring.

    • Thank you James. That is a wonderful compliment. Crocus lawns are so fun and easy. You should do it. It’s so gratifying, and it’s kind of a kick to watch the cars slow down as they pass the house.:)

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