We made it! Somehow?!


To understand what happened that morning in Acapulco, Mexico we must go back to the night before…..

Every morning on our trip (save that first queasy morning) we enjoyed room service breakfast on the patio. It served two purposes, the kids were fed, and it worked as a lovely alarm clock. Every morning we’d receive a phone call letting us know breakfast was on it’s way, so we’d get up, we’d eat, then go about our daily activities. No alarm clock required. In Acapulco we were scheduled for an early morning excursion. A 9:15am meet up on the pier with our tour group. We decided the night before not to get breakfast delivered. Rather to hit the morning buffet before leaving the ship.

That evening my husband set the alarm on his Blackberry, and we went to bed. That is where everything went wrong (Cue disastrous music!) Da da da…….

Although we had been diligent through the trip at changing our wristwatch’s with the regularly scheduled changing time, we had not adjusted the Blackberry. It was the first time it had been used on the ship.

The next morning I sauntered out of bed at a lazily pace, thinking I was ahead of the game. Getting up and around I put my watch on and realized it was 9am! Cue the Blackberry going off to tell us it was 8am!


So with pure grit and determination we flung back the covers on the kids, threw them into bathrooms. Scrambled to put clothes on them. Got them all out the door and down the elevator. Swung past the buffet where we began stuffing fruit into the children’s mouths as they walked/ran. We ditched the remaining fruit just ahead of the ramp off the boat, and made it to our excursion spot on the pier by, look at that……. 9:15am exactly.

We made it! We were champions! Woot!

The kids did not understand our excitement. They were unhappy! So gloriously unhappy.

Great way to start the day…..no?
We were saved on this trip by my planning. The previous evening while I was stuck in the room on baby duty, I packed up our backpacks for this adventure. Camera’s and memory sticks, sunscreen and hats were all happily stored in our packs. There was even a sleeve of baby crackers! A lifesaver on the hour long ride through Acapulco’s city streets towards the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre.By the time we got there all the chaos had been forgotten. The bus had normalized the kids. They were now ready to take on anything. The first thing on Penny’s list was getting in there with the big turtle! We had a hard time keeping her out of that tub!The rescue centre was full of all sorts of critters, waiting to say hello. The kids were amused!

There we listened to a lecture on sea turtles. We learned that there are only 8 species of sea turtles, 7 of which call Mexico home. We heard about the life cycle of turtles and how a turtle will return to the waters it first entered to lay it’s own eggs.

I know you heard what I heard! Turtles have a built in GPS!

While the naturalist spoke, they handed out apples and granola bars to snack on. It’s like they were reading my mind! The kids only half listened to the talk. It’s to be expected of their ages, however even I was having trouble paying attention while this awesome little duck was wandering over for a visit.

Hey Mr.Duck! (I’m such a dork for barnyard animals!)Down to the beach, we headed off with a bucket of baby turtles. They had just hatched that morning. They were ready for their big run!
Go little turtles go!
With our little ones in tow we headed down to the waves and allowed the turtles to get adjusted to sound and rhythm of the waves. I think it’s akin to setting the home co-ordinate on the GPS 🙂
While waiting Cedric was swallowed by a wave.
The wise took a step back as the wave reached out for a poke, Cedric stood his ground. I stood mine too, some one had to stop him from diving in! I was shaking sand out of my shoes for days!

A happy price for a few moments of bliss.
We watched the turtles disappear in the waves. It neat to think that in 10 years some of these sane turtles will return to this spot to lay their eggs!
To pass the time the children took to sand playing.Leaving their temporary mark on the beaches of Acapulco!The return to the ship was a sleepier version of our arrival. 2 out of 3 kids were fast asleep for the majority of the bumpy bus ride. This one was the first to go!Back on the Infinity we finished the day by sightseeing from the top deck. The pier was spectacular, and our view was tops!The fort was beautiful! Old trees and succulents planted everywhere! Tucked into holes and crevices creeping up along the old and intricate walls. Above, the fort itself held proud with it’s well groomed gardens. Beautiful.One thing that impressed itself on my vision of Acapulco, was all of the beautiful architecture and old forests intermingling all over the coast line. Old and new coming together just about everywhere you look.
The day may have started in chaos, but it definitely high on my list of favorite days during the vacation. All because we made it in 15 minutes!


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9 comments on “We made it! Somehow?!

  1. Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) on said:

    I'm impressed you managed to get ready in 15 minutes. I'm awed even. Go you.

  2. That Bloomin' Garden on said:

    Looks like you had a wonderful time. I can't wait to get away next month.

  3. meemsnyc on said:

    The unhappy look on the kids faces is priceless! How fantastic that you got to see the sea turtles make their journey into the ocean. They are adorable!

  4. danger garden on said:

    OMG…I couldn't have managed that if it was just me trying to get there. Seriously! I have no idea how you did it with kids.

  5. Frugal Gardener on said:

    I agree with meemsnyc, the pic with your kinds and their unhappy faces is adorable. You should receive an award for being prepared the night before and being able to get ready and to your location on time with 3 kids. Good for you!

  6. Carrie on said:

    Very impressed. I know I never could have made it

  7. Great post, what a great experience for the kids being able to release the turtles into the ocean, Acupolco looks like a very pretty place can see why its a popular holiday destination.

  8. Marguerite on said:

    Laura, I'm in shock. Not only is it impossible for me to get myself out of bed and ready to leave in 15 minutes (even I absolutely HAD to I don't think I could do this) you managed to do it with all those kids in tow. There must be some sort of medal for this. BTW, the picture of the crying toddlers is pretty awesome in a we'll look at this in years to come and laugh kind of way.

  9. I am super-impressed with your speed – go you!And the turtle rescue centre looks AMAZING. How cool that you got to do that, and all because of your amazing organizational skills.

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