Transitioning Back


We have been gone 18 days. Waiting patiently for our return, the garden has sat in neglect.

I’d say, she wore it well.
Although, one needs to wade in a little closer to see it.
While gone, I longed for the garden. I worried and fretted about being away for so long. What I would come back to? This was some serious garden detox.
For the first time in years we turned off our lives and tuned into a large scale family vacation. My husband even went almost entirely wireless. With his profession being technology driven, he showed amazing restraint. I can happily say the Blackberry went away for almost the entirety of the trip. Of course the prohibitive cost was a factor too.
I had all sorts of visions in my head of what I’d be coming home to. Yet with no intervention the garden fared well. Even letting loose some surprising pops of colour for a chilly mid October day.
So where was I while all this grass was growing?
On a cruise through the Panama Canal! 16 days, across multiple oceans with the kids in tow! It was exhilarating.
We experienced amazing adventures, and captured those once in a lifetime memories!

There will be some vacation flavored posts to come in the next few days. This is just a few of the things in store…..


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14 comments on “Transitioning Back

  1. Those photos from your trip are beautiful, I'm jealous! :DI'm also jealous of your garden lol. What's that orange looking viney thingy (so technical, I know) under where you talk about the suprising pops of colour?

  2. Lori E on said:

    Missed you while you were gone. You think the garden gets bad after 18 days you should see one after a year. Actually no you shouldn't.

  3. Northern Shade on said:

    That looks like such a fun vacation. What a great family time, and so many interesting things to see. My favourite shot is of your son with the inflatable waterwings, all ready to jump in. I loved the water as a child, and still do, especially snorkeling at coral reefs, but don't get much chance to here in Edmonton.

  4. Marguerite on said:

    You're Back!!!! Thank goodness, I was beginning to worry. Although extremely proud that you were able to put away computers and gardens in favor of family. Don't think you'll ever regret that. The shot of the gecko on the variegated leaves is my absolute favourite.

  5. Frugal Gardener on said:

    Oh my goodness your pictures are great. Love the starfish one especially. Welcome home!

  6. Dirty Girl Gardening on said:

    How fun! OMG that turtle looks adorable!

  7. Garden Lily on said:

    One of the many wonderful things about gardens is that they will go on performing and being wonderful, even without our intervention… Even the weeding is not critical. If we miss it this year, we can always pull up the million offspring next year. ;-)I'm happy for you to have enjoyed such a cruise with the whole family. That is one of the cruises I would love to take, but we haven't been able to spare the number of days required. We are both married to our work, and my husband to his cell phone, so I know how wonderful that is, to break away from that for a while, and enjoy each other. Wonderful!

  8. Those vacation photos are AWESOME. I can't wait to hear all about it! And I am totally impressed by your vacation chutzpah.

  9. Welcome back – I can see from the smiles that everyone in the family had a great time! Looking forward to hearing about them.

  10. Carrie on said:

    Even if the garden didn't seem to miss you, we did ;)Looking forward to more pictures and some stories of your adventures

  11. danger garden on said:

    Welcome back! Can't wait to see more of the vaca….

  12. Kellee on said:

    Looks like you've had a fab time can't wait to see the posts.

  13. Melanie on said:

    So nice to have you back Laura, blogging once again. I can see from your photos you had a fabulous time.

  14. @Kyna your awesome! Your whole comment made me feel so good! As for the technical question it is a Thundbergia Grandiflora, basically a climbing vine black eyed Susan. Often you will see them in hanging baskets, and the put on such a great show.@Lori awww thanks! I missed you guys too! I'm sure your garden rocks despite your description!@Northern Shade I love that picture! He's my little space ranger! When we'd go to the pool he would count every chair there and back, occasionally stopping to 'blast' someone. He had most of the pool patrons in stitches! He's quite the card! @Margurite I felt terrible about just disappearing like that. I thought about doing a good bye post before I left, but was uncomfortable announcing on the web that I'd be out of my house for almost 3 weeks, you dig? I'm so glad that I didn't lose all my readers! You ladies (and gents) are awesome!@Frugal Gardener I love that picture! I am so thankful it turned out! What an experience!@Dirty Girl Gardening that was one cool excursion!@Garden Lily I am so impressed with how that type of vacation forces you to unplug. I foresee some smaller cruises in our future. It was nice having my husband 'with' us!@Amber I'm full of all sorts of crazy. Stick around, you'll see!@Lynne we really did have a blast! Although it's nice to be home!@Carrie, awww…. sniff sniff. That got me all emotional and stuff!:)@Danger Garden ask and you shall receive! @Kellee thank you!@Melanie I'm amazed at how much I missed blogging. I'm trying to get back into it, but real life and laundry keep getting in the way!

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