Random Moments of Ship Life


I am close to being done with all this vaca- picture stuff. I promise. However there are a few more snaps I wish to share from our voyage through the Panama Canal.

The idea of traveling with our three small kids was terrifying. And certainly it had it’s trying moments. But I was amazed at how well the kids adjusted and rebounded to new places, times, foods and the dreaded close confines.

Still the next cruise will be without them. I see my ten year anniversary coming up.

Hint…hint….Oh Michael……..


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4 comments on “Random Moments of Ship Life

  1. Looks like the kids enjoyed their time aboard the ship too.

  2. Dirty Girl Gardening on said:

    Very cool… looks like fun!

  3. Our 10-year anniversary is May. And honestly, at this point I'd settle for a nice date night, when I could eat with two hands and not have to change anyone's diaper.

  4. I love that the kids are dressed for dinner. What a great experience for them.

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