Lost in Mexico! Tell the kids I love them!


Our third Mexican port was the lovely city of Huatulco. Located at the foothills of the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains, Huatulco is a resort town. It is breath takingly beautiful. After our wild but fun adventures with the kids in Acapulco, we were so looking forward to this last Mexican Port. The husband and I ditched the kids (not literally, between the Fun Factory, Grandma and her friends, the kids were well taken care of!) back on the boat and took off for some fun in the sun in Huatulco! I was impressed that the city seemed to have a lot of plantings and green space in amongst the shops! A definite improvement over endless cement! I am told these planed ‘green zones’ have helped make Huatulco one of the cleanest developments in Mexico.The buildings while all fairly new, were still quite impressive.
Although we were only in port for the day. This community made quite an impression on us. It is going high on our list of places to return to, if we are ever able to find our way back.

This was our shortest port. The boat was only here for a few hours, so we made good use of our child free time and signed up to go snorkeling!Our ride to the beach snaked through the beautiful and lush hills of the coast. Stopping at a lighthouse to take in the view!Back to the beach, we donned snorkels and fins and took my daughter’s waterproof camera along with us for the adventure. These were a few of our favorite snaps! After our swim we relaxed in the shade, enjoyed a few cold beers and ate some fantastic Guacamole and salsa with fresh made chips. My husband is still talking about the Guacamole! It was that good!Back in the transport, we stopped at one more view spot on the way back to the ship. Here you could really get a good sight line of our ship the Infinity and her sister ship the Millennium.
We didn’t stay too long though. I’d miss the kids too much if the boat left with out us.

Really…. I didn’t threaten to stay in Mexico forever. Although, if I’m ever lost you might want to try looking in the Hotel Canadian in Hualtulco Mexico. Just sayin’.


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5 comments on “Lost in Mexico! Tell the kids I love them!

  1. meemsnyc on said:

    I love Mexico!! That's where we spent our honeymoon so it will always be special to me. You and your husband look like you really enjoyed exploring it!

  2. Now I know where I'll run away to, myself, should I ever feel compelled to do that. I do love guacamole. 😉

  3. Kellee on said:

    Laura love that starfish picture, Mexico is really gorgeous.

  4. Marguerite on said:

    Now I'm hungry and craving a Corona darn it all. Those underwater photos are fantastic. Snorkeling scares the heck out of me so I love looking at other people's photos as I will never do it myself.

  5. danger garden on said:

    I am so jealous!

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