Good Morning Cabos…


It is something special to wake and realize you’re pulling into a new port. The wonderful things that await you with that first push of the curtain.

In comes the light.
That morning brought us to the Southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula. Cabos San Lucas, Mexico. What a sight! The morning light washed the rocks in gold. The whole coastline lit up with the sun.A fantastic spot for breakfast!After enjoying our morning omelette’s and fruit loops we packed up and headed out. Cabos was a busy port day. Michael and I played a fantastic game of divide and conquer with the kids. While little Penny stayed on board with Grandma and friends, Michael and Cedric took a tender to shore to poke around the port prior to their underwater Semi-Sub Adventure!
In their yellow submarine (Yes! It really was a yellow submarine! Michael got all excited when they played the song during the tour!) they toured the coast line. Seeing all variety of birds, crabs and of course…..
fish!I am told fun was had by all. Even Michael, who was finding that too long in this little boat/sub was waking his earlier sea sickness. Still he made it through! Sea legs intact!
Back on dry land Elizabeth and I did a little exploring ourselves. We *may* have also done some minor shopping in the shopping fair. We *may* have come out with some cute little outfits for the girls, souvenirs for some of the kids back home and some awesome leather sandals for Elizabeth herself!
The area was beautiful. The shops hugged the coastline and piers. Boats and birds dotting the waves.
Through a corridor and on the edge of a plaza I noticed this tree from behind a fence. My curiosity has me. I have no clue what it is, but the pods are really interesting!We enjoyed some ice cream and local music while we waited to head out on our excursion.
With a hop in our step we headed towards the Dolphin centre for the event my daughter has been begging me to do for at least 2 years. About that time I started taking the kids to the Vancouver Aquarium back home. Where she fell in love! I was thrilled to give her this opportunity! Even more excited to be joining her!
The landscape around the centre was beautiful. Very modern. I loved their balance and symmetry. It was at this point I missed my camera. We had taken Elizabeth’s little snap and go camera with us on this adventure. It’s waterproof. It seemed like a reasonable course of action. The theory was that I would take a bunch of snaps in the water with the dolphin’s.
Great theory. Sadly a misinformed one. No camera’s were permitted past this area. Which was unfortunate. Not only for the cute dolphin photo’s lost, but because they had a really cool planting area up there by the pools, and I am unable to show it to you.
You will just have to use you imagination. It was full of small scale Cati and succulents. I’ll stop there, as I honestly don’t know the names of many of the plants that I saw on this trip.

One thing was for sure. There were no red Cedar’s in sight!
Conveniently the Dolphin Centre had someone snapping picture through our excursion that we could purchase for an incredibly *ahem* reasonable price. So reasonable that I could only afford one.

I did my best to keep my Visa in my wallet on this vacation. Although this was one of those moments that seriously tempted my restraint. I was good. I loved this picture so much, that I was okay with leaving the other’s behind!
We got to know a lovely male Dolphin named Nacho. He is the alpha male of his pack at the age of 18. He is a beautiful animal. So smart, so friendly and so neat to pet! We fed him fish, danced together and even traded smooches! I highly recommend doing this at some point in your life. The awe and wonder of being so close to such a magnificent creature…. it made me feel like a kid again!

I kept a firm grasp on the back of Elizabeth’s life jacket through the whole thing. She was so in her element that I could easily have seen her getting carried away figuratively or literally 🙂 Certainly I would have had a lot of trouble trying to get her out of the Dolphin pool had she escaped my grasp. That girl is a fish all on her own!We were one of the last tenders back to the ship. The sun had already started to fade. It was a beautiful day in Cabo, yet the boat was still a sight for sore eyes. Our home away from home. We were eager to regroup and share our days stories.
From the fantastic view of our aft patio, we watched Cabo come and go. Truly a day to remember!


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6 comments on “Good Morning Cabos…

  1. Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) on said:

    So far so good. The trip sounds great to me. I told my husband all about it just to start buttering him up. 😉

  2. danger garden on said:

    What great fun! And that picture is just perfect, you were so smart to just go for it no matter the cost.

  3. Stevie from on said:

    I was just in Cabo myself – a week ago. We stayed at a hotel on teh beac that looks at Lover's Beach and the Arches – we saw a cruise ship or two in the bay every day! I also loved the cacti and succulents – so interesting. Though I would have loved a botanical garden to visit while I was there so I could have learned all the names.

  4. @Marilyn you keep working him! That trip is worth it!@Danger Garden I couldn't walk away without it! I have to frame that one and get it up on the wall!@Stevie welcome back! I hope you had a great time! We did! I hear you about the botanical visit. I wish we had more time in that area, another day at least, then the garden would have been lusted over by me! I did manage to get to a botanical garden in Miami. More on that in another post!

  5. It sounds like you MAY have done very well for yourselves, with the shopping you MAY have done.And Cabo looks gorgeous! I can only imagine my own daughter would be in heaven, swimming with dolphins.

  6. Melanie on said:

    What fun! That tree with the pods looks amazing!

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