From the beginning.


Our recent trip through the Panama Canal was inspired entirely by my Mother in law, Marilyn. This was her dream, and I am very thankful that she wanted us to be a part of it.

Marilyn, we had a great time. Memories that will be with us forever. Our time together on the boat was fantastic. Thank you!We started off in Seattle Washington. We got up at an ungodly hour to make the 2-3 hour drive across the border and to Seattle, to meet up with the Celebrity Infinity. I was glad we gave ourselves lots of additional time that morning. Luckily, we didn’t need it. Our embarkment went smoothly. We were traveling with a group of 8 people, including three kids 5 and under and a woman in a wheelchair. I was shocked there were no bumps along the way. It seems our combination of people was the perfect storm that gets you on the ship quickly and efficiently. A tip of the hat goes out to the baggage handlers at Pier 66 for their professionalism and friendly demeanor. Their service was top notch.
The first full day on board the Infinity was a brutal one for us. To no fault of the staff or the ship. We were sea sick! Terribly, terribly sea sick! It must have started sometime in the night, as the previous evening we were well enough to order a big breakfast from room service, for that morning.

The stack of uneaten Omelette’s and the waves mocked me.
By day three, the second full day into our trip we had found our sea legs! It was time to make use of that fantastic patio! We came to a mutual understanding Penny and I. As long as she was fed fresh fruit, preferably watermelon and pineapple for the length of the trip, she agreed to cooperate. Sounded fair to me. We had an accord.The colours of the sea changed quickly. The murky blue-greens of my home in the Pacific Northwest had long faded away. Well before we even hit the familiar shores of California the water had become a stronger blue.
It was so peaceful pulling into San Diego in the early morning. Before the bustle of the busy day had begun.With the added amour of my friend Jen’s extra Gravol with Ginger (oh thank you Jen!) we spent the first Port day in San Diego making up for lost time and discovering the different area’s of the ship. All but my youngest had long ditched us for the fun of Kids Club (more on the awesomeness of that later!)So we poked around the ship.
Discovering Port Holes and coffee shops and other treasures of boat life.
and a flower shop.While the Conservatory was quite lovely, it wasn’t at all what I had envisioned. All of my literature had described it as a two level atrium. I expected a few potted tree’s, at least one or two covering two levels. While I may have expected too much in the design and scale, I don’t think I was asking too much for the plants to be real. Although beautiful bouquets and bowls covered every ledge and bathroom counter on the ship, the majority of the plants in their conservatory were fake. Beautifully and artfully arranged silk flowers, but none the less they were not real.
Granted they are on a boat. That may or may not always have the best growing conditions. I understand the limitations, but it was disappointing. No getting my plant geek on there.
Okay correction. The glass ware by Emilio Robba was drool worthy enough for multiple visits. Absolutely stunning!
We enjoyed San Diego, but had no urge to get off. We never managed to set up a meet with my family on shore, and having been sick the first day or two, we were happy to browse the ship and get used to the ins and outs of our home away from home instead. It was well worth it. The ship is so peaceful while in port. Half the people are away, and you have your pick of where to sit and what to do.
It was a fun day in the sun!
Stay tuned for more exciting adventures of the Thomas family!


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5 comments on “From the beginning.

  1. meemsnyc on said:

    Looks like a fantastic trip! How fun!

  2. I'll be checking back to read more, for sure!

  3. Carrie on said:

    I have never been on a cruise and it is one thing I definitely want to do at least once

  4. Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) on said:

    I am a big fan of cruising. I've been on 8 so far and have long wanted to cruise this exact itinerary. I've been waiting for my youngest to be 3 before we cruise with the kids. That way they can play in the kids club and leave us a bit of quiet time. 😉

  5. @Meemsnyc it really was. Wild, exhausting fun!@Amber please do! I've got days of posts to still get out! Someone needs to pretend to be interested in my crazy!@Carrie you must! I think it may have ruined us for vacations though. Michael and I are talking about a short one with out the kids for our 10th wedding anniversary. That's only 2 years away!@Marilyn colour me jealous! 8 cruises! We must talk! Waiting until the youngest is three is a great idea. I loved having Penny with us, but Michael and I would have been able to get a lot more done, and see a few more shows had she been old enough for the kids club!

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