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The end of our wild vacation for the memory books landed us in Flordia. With a full day in Miami before our flight we found our way to Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens.

Okay, we *may* have picked the hotel so we would be nice and close to it. Alright the whole tail end of the vacation *may* have been directly orchestrated by me, to happen upon an adventure through an amazing garden!

Sounds right.
This amazing place was founded by David Fairchild (1869-1954) and a group of plant collectors and growers, who came together to see their vision of a one of a kind botanic garden come to life! Fairchild Gardens opened in 1938, and since has been sharing their diverse range of plants and knowledge with the public. They are one of the top conservation and education-based tropical gardens in the world! This garden was massive. 83 acres of sprawling gardens and wetlands. Like nothing I had ever seen before!
We wandered through the paths looking at beautiful and exotic plants. Every time we’d pause to scrutinize a plant, a lizard, or two, or three would scuttle by. This place was wild! Literally!
I spotted this tree all over the garden. Rainbow Eucalyptus! Stunning!
The Fairchild Gardens also offer support to protected areas in Madagascar and Africa. Here in the gardens they have a large display of cacti, succulents, agave and other prickly and wonderful plants from around the world!At every turn we were delighted in what must seem like everyday ordinary to the people here. Lizards, here, there and everywhere. There was even a wonderful butterfly garden for the kids to explore. I tried so hard to get a picture of one of those evasive beauties, but no such luck. I did manage to find a lizard atop a flower though….. How he got there is still what’s got me puzzled!
A guide did point out to us a spot in the butterfly garden that was teeming with chrysalis! Neat!
Hey look orchids up a tree. I remember something about that!The colours and textures of this garden were a delight! I expected to find the odd and unusual! Perhaps I underestimated the degree to which they would effect me. The urge to take it all home and redesign the garden was strong!
We will see what next season brings. However I wouldn’t be to surprised to find myself gravitating towards the bright bold and dangerous! Somebody please remind me I live in a temperate rainforest!


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4 comments on “Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens

  1. Northern Shade on said:

    It sounds like you could easily have spent more than 1 day touring around this botanical garden. There is lots of beautiful exotic life, including the kind that moves. The lizard must be a lot lighter than he looks, since the flower isn't even bending at all. Have you started attaching orchids to branches, and ordering your banana trees yet? 🙂

  2. danger garden on said:

    Amazing photos Laura…and there is nothing wrong with bringing a little bold and dangerous into your garden! I can't wait to see it happen. So glad you had such a wonderful vacation. It looks like there was truly something for every member of your family!

  3. Carrie on said:

    Gorgeous! Makes you wish we didn't live in such a wet miserable climate 8 months of the year, eh?I love that butterfly shaped chair. Amelia would adore it 🙂

  4. When we visited Florida as teenagers, one of those lizards climbed up my sister's leg and she grabbed its tail. And then the tail fell off, which is (apparently) a normal escape mechanism they have. But you should have heard her scream – she was HORRIFIED.It makes for a good story, though. And an excellent cautionary tale. Don't grab the lizards!

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