Tomato Lust, Pool Closures & a Winner!


We closed up the pool last week. It was fun while it lasted, but I was happy to see it go. You can see from this image the circular outline of where the pool once stood. It was huge! Taking up almost all of the patio, leaving little area for the kids to play, and more importantly even less space to ogle the tomatoes!

Priorities people!
Making matters worse we had major problems keeping water out of the pool’s inflatable ring. The consequence of which had pool water escaping on all sides. Not fun FYI.

The pool has lost it’s will to survive. It can not be patched any further without destroying the landscape around it.So thank super cool pool! It was fun while it lasted. We will always have the memories!

To console myself, I will once again get lost in a little bit of tomato gazing!
I also would like to thank everyone who entered my contest. I enjoyed hearing about all your bee experiences, and of course all about the honey! So getting on with it I’d like to announce the winner of my three pack of Honeybee Honey goes to……………………… Mary C, who says she will be sharing this pack with her Dad who loves trying new types of honey! Glad we could help Mary! I’ll email you and sort out the details!

Thanks again to everyone who participated! It was fun, and I’m sure I’ll do something like this again in the future!


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9 comments on “Tomato Lust, Pool Closures & a Winner!

  1. Our friend's BIG above ground pool let go one year and boy was that a lot of water gushing towards their house. Scary.I would much rather tomato gaze. Yours look so yummy and I am jealous.

  2. Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) on said:

    We had a huge pool last year that had the same problem as yours – took up too much space, leaked, plus the water was always cold so the kids didn't want to go in it. When we said bye-bye to that one I replaced it with a smaller pool this year. I deflated that one yesterday too. The weather got cold fast!

  3. Aw, sorry you had such a hard time w/the pool :/But…OMG I WON I WON!!! Hoorah Hoorah!!! Thank you so much! My first blog contest win evar! 😀

  4. Stevie from on said:

    yay – your tomatoes are ripening nicely. Why don't I have the heart to snip off all my leaves? I can see the weather forecast is grim, yet I just can't do it. Seems so sad.

  5. meemsnyc on said:

    Congrats to the winner! What kind of pool was it? Was it one of those inflatable ones?

  6. My neighbors puts up a big inflatable pool every year and every year their German Sheppards pop them. Kind of entertaining 🙂

  7. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden on said:

    Great looking tomatoes! Happy September!

  8. @Lori who knew pools could be so stressful?! I'll admit to being sent into a bit of a panic while it was releasing it's load!@Marilyn I think I'll be investing in a good jacuzzi sized inflatable pool next year! I want my yard back! Lol!@Mary you did win! It's pretty cool! I just sent out your honey in the mail today! Should be there by the end of next week!@Stevie It was painful to do. Every instinct was screaming at me to stop. However I decided to trust the higher power of Andrea and just go for it!@meemsnyc It had an inflatable ring, and its made of some type of plasticized canvas. It collapses like a tarp when not in use. A big messy smelly tarp ;)@Dan they are a lot of fun! I can see why you neighbor puts one up every year. There just not so much fun to maintain! Especially with a big dog!@Jennifer I just pluck my first two today. They are not quite ripe, but I'm trying to encourage the others to follow suit too! Happy September to you too!

  9. Sorry to hear about your pool Laura. The tomatoes look great !

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