Reason #5346 of why I love my Husband.


Recently my husband has taken up model planes. He takes his to a local air field and flys it around and occasionally (I’ll admit, not often) crash lands it into a tree. Good times. This hobby was encouraged by me, and was his birthday present from myself and the kids this year. He’s been having a lot of fun. He says he’s found his zen. This makes sense to me. I found my zen years ago in the garden.

Here they are in the fading daylight. Watch out for those mosquito’s!
Anywhoo this was going somewhere.

Yes, really.

On the way home from the airfield last night he spotted these on the side of the road. A house under renovation had put these out for the taking, and my husband was at the right place and time to scoop them up!
I can’t believe what some people throw out! Look at them, they are huge! And deep, really deep. I won’t be getting to planting these this year, but look forward to them popping back up in spring filled with lush flowers, and maybe some bulbs!As the saying goes: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

I hit the mother load!


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9 comments on “Reason #5346 of why I love my Husband.

  1. Stevie from on said:

    very sweet.

  2. Melanie on said:

    Great find!

  3. You've got a keeper there, for sure!

  4. @Stevie @Melanie & @Amber if there's something free at the side of the road, my husband will slow down. Everytime 🙂 Sometimes its good, and he relishes those moments. Other times….. well I still need to get rid of the second basketball hoop that I don't need.

  5. meemsnyc on said:

    Nice find! Your hubby scored the mother load! That is so awesome.Maybe you can plant something in that 2nd basketball hoop!

  6. @meemsnyc I've thought about it, and as it still hasn't made it to the dump, it could still happen!

  7. Actually, I've seen Michael do more than crash-land; I've seen him explode a plane into a tree. And then he laughed.That's quite the score with the planters…I can't wait to see what you do with them… Oh, I have an idea – since the planters were found because Michael took his plane out, maybe you can use pieces from his broken plane in some sort of artistic way. Kinda of like what you did with the broken mask.

  8. @Mike and he was still smiling! Thats how I know he enjoys this! He's too cheap to be that relaxed when his toy torpedoes itself into a tree!

  9. Mary C. on said:

    awk! You are SO lucky!

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