Honeybee Centre: It’s a Bug’s Life!


This weekend we spent time at the Honeybee Centre located in Surrey, BC. My daughter and I escaped the house on our own for a chance to look at some bugs and bees, and possibly to try some honey!
The Honeybee centre gives daily hive demonstrations, a fabulous shop full of everything honey related. They even have a lovely area to sit with a spot of tea to go with that honey 😉 I spent some lingering moments here.The Honeybee Centre also plays host to a Bug Lab! Which is where this post is heading. There were too many pictures from this adventure to limit to one post. So I split it into two. Tomorrow’s post will feature the Hive demonstration and my very first give away! So stay tuned for a chance to WIN some honey!

*******BEE (couldn’t help myself, sorry.) forewarned, below there are pictures of bugs! *******I’ve mentioned it before, but I am not so comfortable with the creepy crawlies. I will admit to being a bit of a baby sometimes, and can often be found screeching at the teeniest of spiders. I chalk this up to some early bug trauma. I have mostly gotten over my ‘issues’ and currently don’t panic when I run across bugs in the garden. Which is good, no?

Still I try not to spread my paranoia’s and fears down to my kids. So when my daughter tells me that she loves bugs, and shows me some creepy crawly she recently caught, I still my nerves and smile with a ‘ohhhhh’ or ‘ahhhh’, which ever is more appropriate. Inside I am screaming!
I, a person with mixed feeling on bugs was impressed with their Bug Lab. It was clean, orderly, and super informative! They had live bugs, and pined specimens to learn about. Puzzles and bug activities for the kids to do. My daughter loved trying to find all of the bugs on her chart amongst the different cages and displays.
Some where easy to spot, others blended right in.
This one is cool! It’s a Rhino Beetle. The reason for it’s name seems apparent!
Hey look! It the Hissing Beetle! We found one of these outside the house recently. If you poke it, it hisses at you. Or so my husband says!
There were also many Tarantulas. One even called a Pink Toed Tarantula, the diva of the big hairy spider world. She was hiding when we went through, but even if she hadn’t been, you would not see their pictures here. I’m trying very hard to forget about them myself. While my daughter pointed out what they were doing, I was busy looking at the plants (phew, no big spider there!)Or noticing the butterflies.
Pretty butterflies…..so pretty. So un-tarantula like.
Even the beetles had an artistic flair. I didn’t know there were so many types!
We has a great time in the Bug Lab. Yes even me! Come back tomorrow to find out if we found the Queen, check out the hive and get a chance to win a gift pack of Honey straight from the Honeybee Centre!


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10 comments on “Honeybee Centre: It’s a Bug’s Life!

  1. Marguerite on said:

    What a great place. I'm constantly finding bugs in the yard that i have no idea what they are. I need a bug chart!

  2. @Marguerite it surprised me how beautiful some of the bug charts were!

  3. Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) on said:

    I went with my son's preschool there in June. The kids LOVED it of course. Bugs! Yay! They got to pet some taratula moltings while there. I swallowed my ick to pet it too. They felt like velvet.

  4. meemsnyc on said:

    Oh wow, this looks like such an awesome place to visit!

  5. @Marilyn your a braver soul than I. No way I could ever do that! *shudder*@meemsnyc it really is. Now think, on top of this there's also bees & honey!

  6. Lori E on said:

    I have never stopped at this one but there is another out that way you might want to check out. Campbell's Gold 2595 Lefeuvre Road, Abbotsford, B.C. Lovely place, great gifts.

  7. Bugs freak me out too! I used to run from bees/wasps all the time. They usually don't bother me now unless they are actually going at me. We get these wasps in the fall that are massive called 'Great Black Wasps'. I run from them still 🙂

  8. @Lori good to know, thanks!@Dan I can control my temporary psychosis when I'm on the garden. If one of them dares to enter my house wild panic will ensue! Great Black Wasps?! Sounds terrifying!

  9. The Redneck Rosarian on said:

    Laura,Thanks for you comments regarding my blog header change. It took me a month to decide which to use. Great post here. Especially the butterfiles featured. We have seen some of the most beautiful butterflies this summer in our garden. WE are not a fan of bugs…….

  10. @The Redneck Rosarian it was worth the wait! You have some beautiful roses! As for the bug post, I do try to avoid grossing out my audience, I thought the butterflies did a good job distracting the eye form the creepy crawlies!

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