An Evening walk through DeBoville Slough


Last night I took a stroll down DeBoville Slough in Port Coquitlam. It’s a great place to enjoy nature as you walk or bike down the trails. I chose to walk, and I’m glad I did. There is always something to see if you take the time to slow down and see it!
I was fast losing light as I played shutterbug with the clouds and water. I paused at this spot for a good long time , when from across the water on the high path another walked called for my attention. Now when anyone is trying to get your attention on the Slough, you listen. Often a good Samaritan will give you a heads up about a wandering bear. This is a worry at this time of night, in that location.
Heeding his call I doubled back a few feet and there up in the tree, wasn’t a bear (phewf!) but rather a Blue Heron! Almost directly above my location!
Such a beautiful and majestic bird. I hung around through the fading light, hoping he/she (I try not to assume!) would take flight and I could catch that wingspan with my lens. Finally as walkers and joggers became fewer and far between I was warned about a bear wandering in the Blueberry fields directly beside the Slough. Not just a bear, they told me, but a BIG bear.

Well ’nuff said. I wasn’t hanging out in that spot any longer. Bears are quick, and the quantity of blackberry bushes that circled my spot would be tempting for the large lumbering friends of the forest.

Taking a couple last shots, I packed up and wandered home.
On a slightly sideways note, have you heard about the grow op that was busted in BC that was being guarded by 10 Black Bears? Honestly it sound like something Steven Colbert would rant about….but it’s true. That seems, whats the word I’m looking for here, ahh…..stupid.


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7 comments on “An Evening walk through DeBoville Slough

  1. Dirt Digger on said:

    Great photos! Now we need a shot of a bear already! C'mon!

  2. @Dirt Digger I know I know! They used to be a regular feature in my blog, but new locks on the garbage cans have been keeping them out of my yard. I may have continued my walk and taken a couple snaps, but that 'big' bear part was what had a hop in my step. The pathway is diked so both sides of the path are steep. Almost a straight let down to the water. If a bear popped up on the path, I'd have almost no where to go, soooo, no 🙂

  3. Aaerelon on said:

    Was it as dark as it seemed in the photos? Is a 'slough' a particular thing or is it just part of the name? I love the herons in the trees. The first time I saw them like that was in Stanley Park. It was shocking. I has assumed they nested on rocks.

  4. @Aaerelon yes, I took those with natural light. The sun was going down fast! I was deep into dusk. A slough is a muddy marsh or swamp like area. Our area has lots of Blue Herons left. I live a few houses down from a salmon creek, and occasionally will see one fly over our house. One time I took pictures of one perched on my neighbors roof. They are beautiful birds.

  5. Gorgeous photos!And lacking a TV or a local newspaper I had NOT heard that story. That's right up there with the PoCo couple that are taking up close and personal photos of mother bears and their cubs. WHAT are you THINKING?

  6. Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) on said:

    I'm like Amber – totally missing out on the local news. We have a heron that lives in our slough right behind our house. Lovely looking birds but I'd prefer it if they didn't poop on our deck.

  7. @Amber that's a good question! What are they thinking? These are wild animals. Which means that they are….wild. Seems self explanatory, right?@Marilyn I'm sure they can be a annoying on occasion, especially when you so close to their terrritory. I get so overwhelmed when I see them fly though. Such a big beautiful bird!

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