A Garden Party: A Ladybug cake, bouncy castle and digging in the patch!


This weekend brought my daughter Penelope’s 1st birthday. She’s a wonderful little bug! Full of mischief and delight! We celebrated Saturday with friends and family in our backyard for a BBQ.
We put up a tent. Borrowed a bouncy castle and made a big celebration of the whole thing. We hung out in amongst the tomatoes and shared stories of our children’s firsts.
Munched on fantastic local berries. The cherry tomatoes and peas came straight from our garden!The birthday girl approved. She’s such a blue berry hound!Oh yeah!
It was great to have so many people who mean the world to us over for a meal. From the newest additions!To the one’s who have known me since my first birthday!
Friends of all ages!The kids played through the gardens. You can see way in the background of this picture the kiddo’s wandering through the patch. I set up most of the digging trucks and shovels back there in the unused portions . The kids had a wild time digging in the dirt. Yes, even in their party dresses!At one point my husband mention that the majority of the kids (12 in all) were running around, shovels in had grinning wildly. Fun was had by all in the gardens!
I’d like to give a special shout out to the Rogo’s for their loan of the bouncy castle! With this the party was a real hit with the kiddo’s! A bouncy castle just makes the party! We are so going to have to get one of these. I think I’ll wait until the off season. Always a better deal to be had!
What would my little bug’s birthday be without a cake? Leanne made this stunning cake for Penny’s birthday! Check out the blades of grass around the base bending every which way! Truly a work of art, this cake suited us to a T!Under the red tent there was an unmistakable glow. Perfect for a ladybug and her followers. The kids got a real kick out of this cake!Check out the little bee and the flowers! Well done Leanne! Blowing my mind one cake at a time!The bug got here very own smash cake, which was a miniature of the big one! She spent the first while picking off each of the ladybugs spot and eating them individually.
Then finally the mess started!Cherry chip with chocolate icing! Perfect! Miss Penny approves!I’d like to once again thank everyone for coming and sharing this milestone in Penny’s life with us! It was a great day, now filled with amazing memories and some of the cutest clothes and ladybug related toys that I ever did see.

By the end they were so exhausted that they all went to bed early! Fantastic!


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9 comments on “A Garden Party: A Ladybug cake, bouncy castle and digging in the patch!

  1. Carrie on said:

    my kid quite enjoyed eating the bee 🙂

  2. Rebecca @ In The Garden on said:

    Wow, looks like so much fun!! I love a good bouncy castle part (we have at least one a year lol). The cake is adorable!! Nothing like a plate of berries & cheesies lol. :o)

  3. Thanks for inviting us; we all had a blast.And the cakes were amazing! Leanne is very talented.

  4. meemsnyc on said:

    Looks like a great birthday! Love the cake! Adorable. It's so cute that she loves her berries.

  5. Frugal Gardener on said:

    Laura that is the most adorable cake I have ever seen in my entire life. How cute!!!!!! Is that from the same cake person who made your husbands cake?

  6. Laura on said:

    @Carrie I know she did! She looked downright pleased with herself!@Rebecca berries & cheesies are where its at! At least in the under 5 set, and well…me!@Mike we were so happy you guys were able to make it! A great opportunity for friends to meet, and for us to host you, as you've had us over a few times now :)Thanks again for the bouncy castle usage!@meemsnyc she such a garden baby! The loves her fruit! Even tomatoes & cucumbers! Which is good. We will be swimming in them soon!@Frugal Gardener isn't it? Yes it's the same friend who made the pie cake for my husbands 30th! It sure nice to have a friend who bakes!

  7. Looks like a great party and what a beautiful cake!

  8. Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) on said:

    It looks like a great party! I said it on Twitter, but I'll say it again, that cake is impressive.

  9. Tony Destroni on said:

    impressive and mouthwatering . This is great !thanks for sharing this post . its nice and so many to learned. nice set up too . big tent for big space like this . i think i can have this one a little bit smaller for my garden together with my garden wind spinners and other accessories . very nice .the kids gonna love it !!

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