Open Garden: Juliana’s Blueberry Farm


Last Wednesday evening Juliana Young opened her garden, and blueberry patch to the members of the PoCo Garden Club. Juliana’s Farm is located just off Prairie on Devon Rd in Port Coquitlam. She runs a fabulous you pick blueberry farm on a couple acres of beautiful Port Coquitlam dirt.

Just as the light was nearing that perfect place, I wandered into the farm ready to pick. Camera slung around my neck and an empty bucket in hand I got started.

I would dare to say, the blueberries here may well be the best blueberries in the lower mainland. Port Coquitlam and it’s neighbor Pitt Meadows have premium blueberry crops. Definitely worth a drive in the country, if your so inclined!
The season has just started at Juliana’s farm. The berries are big and plump, and there’s lots of them! One thing I love about blueberries is that they are a long crop. Strawberry season comes and goes so quickly here in the northwest. Blueberries take their time. Savoring their spot in the sun! Juliana told me one year they were still picking on Thanksgiving (for my American friends, our Thanksgiving is October 11th)! For as many shrubs covered in the deep blue wonder, there are still plenty more waiting to ripen.They are so worth the wait!
We picked blueberries as the sun departed. Music swirled around the patch. Not only keeping us humming, but a reminder to the bears that we were there. It seems they are fans too! Who can blame them?Once I had filled my ice cream bucket, I made my way into the perennial beds to peek and poke at the flowers. Juliana has an amazing variety of plants. The Poppies! Oh the gorgeous double poppies she has. Just starting to fade, their seed pods still tower above the rest.
Lining the patch, roses in dark & light pink. All with beautiful fringed petals!

Before I left I stopped back in to say goodbye, and signed myself up on Juliana’s handy wipe away board for some of those fantastic poppy seeds! She also had bags of bearded iris’. Divided up, and ready to go! How could I say no?

Thank you for opening your garden to us Juliana! The berries are fantastic, and your hospitality was outstanding!
I will be coming back soon with the kids to pick again. In two days it’s amazing how many blueberries have been eaten in my house. In fact we just finished some fantastic blueberry pancakes!

So don’t forget this summer to get out there and support your local farmers, and buy some local berries! They are cheap, and so much tastier that their grocery store cousins!


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13 comments on “Open Garden: Juliana’s Blueberry Farm

  1. meemsnyc on said:

    Wow, looks amazing! Those blueberries look so good!

  2. Tracy on said:

    Hey…we want to check it out with the kids. Do you know where I can find out the details of times and days of the week. Also what is the cost??? I guess we should bring our own buckets….Did you take your littlest one?? Just trying to figure out what to do with our two!

  3. Laura on said:

    @Meemsnyc they are! I may have taste tested a few along the way!@Tracy I had her card, but a friend & I were talking yesterday and I ended up giving it to her to check out. I'll give Juliana a call and post the details in an update when I find out. My kids stayed at home for this one, it was a garden club field trip. I will be bringing them when I go back. Bring your own bucket. I think she has some for use if you don't.

  4. Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) on said:

    Agreed! Support the farmers! Fresh picked food is so much better than the stuff in the store.

  5. Laura on said:

    @Marilyn absolutely! The big plus' to the consumer is it's way cheaper than the organic stuff you find in the supermarket, fresher and honestly tastier!

  6. Anonymous on said:

    would like info on the u-pick blueberry farm please…

  7. Laura on said:

    @Anonymous unfortunately Juliana's blueberry farm is placing orders right now, so their U-pick is closed. However if you drive down Prairie Ave in Port Coquitlam & hang a left on Devon rd, there are a bunch of other u-pick farms to choose from! Have fun picking!

  8. Ron Mylar on said:

    This blog gives the knowledge of open garden with the Juliana blueberry farm. This includes the members of the PoCo Garden Club.

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  10. Stacy on said:

    Are there any sites in CoCo that are hiring to pick them?

    • Laura on said:

      I would think so. Best way to find out is to ask. Give Julianna’s blueberry farm a call at 604-468-8988 or check out the other blueberry farms on Devon/Laurier.

  11. I love talking with Juliana she as the best blueberries in the whole world very good for your health and happiness god bless her keep smiling

  12. I found the blueberries quite good.The older chinese lady was a bit bossy as to what bush to pick from and how to pick the berries.I would go there again but I would not make a special trip just to go to that location.

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