Give me an inch, & I’ll stuff it silly!


This weekend I added a few more lovelies to the pots. I noticed some space that needed filling. So while I was last in the plant store falling for a rose, I picked up a couple of annuals too.

One thing I love about Proven Winners is their easy summer time grab & go potting packs. Containing a nicely designed scheme of half a dozen plants ready to pop into any container. I mean common! Can they make it any easier for me? Plus I love a bargain, and combo packs are always that! I picked up a pack of assorted white annuals to stuff the final corners out of the urns that flank the doors.

Previously planted in the urns:

  • 2 x Miniature roses ‘Hot Tamale’
  • 2 x Dracaena Spikes
  • 2 x Winter Pansies (yup, my winter Pansies are still alive and well. To top it off I have not dead headed them in months, yet there there are blooming like crazy town! Shhh, don’t tell!)

Added to these pots this weekend:

  • 2 x Proven Winners Laguna White
  • 2 x Proven Winners Diamond Frost

The rose bushes have lots of buds on them! I’m looking forward to quite a show this month from these pots!
The remaining pair of plugs from the half dozen pack were, Proven Winners Supertunia White which filled helped fill out some pots I was sprucing up for the front patio garden.
I had trouble walking by the Proven Winners Supertunia Pretty Much Picasso at the store that day. I’ve been admiring this beauty in friends baskets & planters all summer. When I found this plant, with it’s strong branches bursting with buds, with only one or two already open, I snapped it up! It should be quite fetching! Bursting with purple blooms from the top shelf of my patio garden. Touched with green! What a fantastic colour combo!
Once potted I got these little gems upstairs. I will probably pot up a few more annual for those patio shelves in the coming days. They are instant colour, especially while I’m waiting for my tomato baskets to start ripening. I’m in need of a little colour up there.
These will do.


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14 comments on “Give me an inch, & I’ll stuff it silly!

  1. Rebecca @ In The Garden on said:

    Great post! I have not seen these combo packs before but they sound great! The new supertunia is beautiful, I have seen it in magazines and have considered additng it as well. Your containers are looking wonderful.

  2. keewee on said:

    Laura, I love the color combo of Supertunia Pretty Much Picasso, it will look fabulous when covered in blooms.

  3. Laura on said:

    @Rebecca thanks! I've seen them at a few of the nurseries. I have never seen them at the large chain stores though.@Keewee I'm really loving it's colours. Then again I'm a huge purple fan! It's a fantastic colour!

  4. Heather on said:

    Wow, they look great! Nice combination in your urn – my winter pansies are still flowering too (barely…)

  5. Carrie on said:

    Gorgeous. I am so disappointed in my flowers this year. Stupid weather. Remind me to go flower shopping with you next year 🙂

  6. Laura on said:

    @Heather I'm shocked they still are. I chalk it up to the fact the urns are sheltered.@Carrie I'd love the company! This year I waited a little longer to get stuff into the pots. I'm glad I did. Weather being so terrible. Last year wasn't much better. Sure there was sunshine, but too much. By this point last year I had to replace most of my pots not long after planting. BBQ planters, yum!

  7. Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) on said:

    I'm with Carrie. My plants and vegetables are all doing pretty bad this year with the exception of my sweet peas. Your pots look great. I usually stick one kind of plant in my pots and they end up looking a little forlorn. You obviously have the knack.

  8. Laura on said:

    @Marilyn hopefully this sunshine sticks around and we end up with a late growing season. At least the cool crops are doing well. Delayed, but well.

  9. Linda on said:

    Your urns are very lovely. I can't wait to see photos of the mini roses when they come into bloom; you'll have a beautiful display!

  10. Melanie on said:

    Your pots look and sound lovely Laura. I know what you mean about filling in the gaps.

  11. Laura on said:

    Weird. I don't know what happened to the previous 8 comments. But **poof** now they are gone :(@Linda there are lots of buds on them right now! I think it will be quite a show once they come back into bloom!@Melanie that was always my planting downfall in the past. I always left to much space. Now I'm regularly finding holes to stuff more in! I like my pots much better this way!

  12. Frugal Gardener on said:

    Beautiful. I haven't had the chance to plant many flowers this year but I can get my fix by looking at your posts. Just beautiful.

  13. Laura on said:

    @Frugal Gardener your a busy lady lately, what with all that greenhouse/shed building! I think your garden will understand! Stop in anytime!

  14. Dee/reddirtramblings on said:

    I like those packs too. You can do a lot with them, and they aren’t too pricey. Glad you fell for another rose. They smell scrumptious.~~Dee

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