Almost Wordless. Not quite Wednesday.


Apologies for the lack of posts of late. I’ve been a busy bee getting ready for the Garden Awards. Cleaning up, clearing out, all while crossing my finger that the blooms will be bursting when the judges come to tour.

Wouldn’t it be neat?! …..a girl can dream…and deadhead….and weed….and tweak. I’ve been using every spare moment to move my projects forward. I found an awesome solution to my trellis problem, I’ve been bending and reshaping the metal inserts from election signs. My husband ran in the last civic election, so there are plenty of the metal frames kicking around. I’ve used at least a dozen so far! They are practically invisible in my landscape, but they are keeping the Glads, and Echinacea at bay (and upright!) for free! Well at least to me 😉

After all, I am a recycler at heart.

Right…. I said almost wordless didn’t I?

….Oh well….. Let’s carry on and pretend we know what we are doing!


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9 comments on “Almost Wordless. Not quite Wednesday.

  1. That Bloomin' Garden on said:

    Who judges the gardens? We don't have that here but it would be fun to do. Love your garden, it's beautiful!

  2. Laura on said:

    @That Bloomin' Garden it's a city staff member & a garden club rep. There may be another judge or two, I'm not sure. It's all very vague. I do enjoy it, I wish there was feedback though. I can take it!

  3. Marguerite on said:

    Best of luck with the judging! Your garden looks wonderful and I'm sure you'll do just fine.

  4. Kyna on said:

    Beautiful! I can't do Wordless Wednesday. So I applaud you for trying 😀

  5. I absolutely LOVE that rose! Good luck!

  6. Frugal Gardener on said:

    That rose looks like a double delight! Beautiful pictures as usual.

  7. Laura on said:

    @Marguerite it would be nice, but honestly my favorite part about this contest is how it pushes me to finish unfinished projects. It's a great motivator, and I'm a great procrastinator 😉

  8. Laura on said:

    @Kyna thanks. I always have a picture overload, so WW is a perfect fit. Some week though I have trouble keeping my trap shut ;)@Jen & @Frugal Gardener thanks! I'm not sure what type it is myself. It's got a light fragrance and the blooms start out yellow, fading to pink. I call them confectionery roses, as they look like they should be on a birthday cake!

  9. Northern Shade on said:

    I like your idea for the recycled supports. Having a due date would be great for finishing up the different project ideas and tweaks in the garden. Good luck with the judging.

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