Wordless Wednesday: A shock of pink!



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5 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: A shock of pink!

  1. That Bloomin' Garden on said:

    Beautiful!You have to love the beginning of summer.

  2. Laura on said:

    @That Bloomin' Garden It's great time for sure!I got word that someone was having problems posting a comment on Blogger. I haven't been able to figure out why, but if anyone else is having a problem please let me know at laura@florabylaura.ca Thanks!

  3. Rebecca @ In The Garden on said:

    Such beautiful blooms! Lucky you!

  4. Heavy Petal on said:

    Ooo… I love peonies! So…sumptuous. Yes, that's the word. Or maybe luscious. In any case, beautiful!

  5. Laura on said:

    @Rebecca Thanks! I love their fierce colour!@Heavy Petal They are a new love for me. These plants didn't used to bloom much, but since I moved them they've been flowering like crazy!

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