The off shoot project.


So what exactly happened to all those plants from the front garden bed when I did the remodel? Well they caused a spin off project.
I realized immediately after I started to dig up the front bed that I couldn’t get rid of this rocky dirt right now, nor could I leave these transplants in pots for long. The trailer was still broken from the last time we tried to get rid of too much of the ‘pile’. Carried away much? Oh indeed!

The side of the house has traditionally been the place where all project go to die, we have been working to clear it up. So I took my lemons and made some lemon aid.

Within the piles of dirt on the side of the house, there was a good chunk that was still good topsoil. Some was really rich looking dirt that had just composted through neglect to become good topsoil. So I removed that and built a few new beds.

The Before(like January before, not last week before!)
By removing a few more piles from the side, I was able to dump my front project dirt with no regrets. I wasn’t adding to the mess, merely replacing the dirt. At the same time working to reform this terrible spot on the property.
There’s still a lot of work to be done on the side, but already is it a space I enjoy much more. This project would get another major boost, if only the trailer was repaired………. Oh husband!


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11 comments on “The off shoot project.

  1. meemsnyc on said:

    That's a nice project! We did a flower bed in the front yard and put rocks we found from the back yard as the border, similar to what you did.

  2. Laura on said:

    @Meemsnyc thanks! You know I may change it some over time, but for now its a good low maintenance answer to a big messy problem!

  3. Marguerite on said:

    wow, those are some great looking rocks you got there! Nice job.

  4. Northern Shade on said:

    That's a super improvement you made to your side garden with the leftovers. The rocks give the edge a finished look, and make it look like a garden bed already. It's great that you found a place for the ones that lost their space in front. I always feel sorry for my perennials that lose in the game of musical chairs, and end up without a bed.

  5. Laura on said:

    @Marguerite thanks! I'm really happy with all the work. It's amazing when it ends up looking in person like what your mind dreamed up!@Northern Shade I'm a big fan of musical chairs. But your right, one plant always ends up the loser. It was nice to find a new life for these ones!

  6. .......................... on said:

    You have been busy and it looks great. Everyone (myself included) has those messy areas in their yard that they are dying to fix up. Finally getting the job done can be so rewarding.I like the curve that you added to the front garden. The rocks make for a nice contrast of texture with the plantings.I was thinking that a vine might look great on your brick chimney.

  7. Melanie on said:

    It's So great Laura that you found a spot for your leftover plants, reused all the soil and made a fabulous garden on the side of your house.

  8. Laura on said:

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,, when did you become comas? Lol! Thanks! It is nice to get some of the messy cleaned up! So rewarding! I'm with you on the vine thing. I'm thinking of painting the chimney first, just haven't decided what colour…@Melanie reuse & recycle. It makes me feel so good at the end of the day!

  9. That's an amazing transformation!

  10. Heather on said:

    A beautiful garden around every corner!

  11. Laura on said:

    @Mike thanks! I look forward to the day I'm not horribly embarrassed to have people walk that side to get to the backyard. With a large amount of the dirt cleared, I'm really getting to that point!@Heather aww thanks! Maybe someday it will really be. I'm hoping to make the side of the house a real showpiece. It will take years for it to get to that conclusion, but in the meantime I'll be happy with tidy-ish!

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