Stop the presses! It’s sunny outside!


A break in the rain mean clean up time. With spring fading, and summer blooms taking over, downpours can have disastrous effects. My poor Lupine took it for the team.After a lot of trimming and a peony ring or two later not only was it upright again, but some of my summer flowers that like to attack people on the path of the garden, were also contained. Look at me and my proactive thinking!
There is still a lot of staking to do for this summer. This year I will have my flowers standing upright. Not like last years lazy pregnant summer, where I went for that ‘natural’ look. You know the one. It requires no effort, and you should at all times squint at the garden as to not see the weeds.
This year will be different.
The perpetual moisture that has been feeding the garden lately, has also been encouraging those weeds. So I will probably spend a lot of my free time this weekend trying to clean up the beds. I will stay on top of it!
If only to be occasionally distracted by flowers, shiny things and vegetable gardens.
Sometimes it doesn’t even need to be shiny. Rusty is kinda cool too!


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4 comments on “Stop the presses! It’s sunny outside!

  1. Aerelonian on said:

    Finally some sun! I spent the morning at the Cottonwood Community Gardens. I finally chose my plot. I'll probably grow mostly leafy stuff (spinach, chard, pak choi, orach).

  2. Marguerite on said:

    I tried gardening yesterday and ended up spending half my time just walking around distracted by butterflies and new plants. It's so easy to lose track of what you set out to do!

  3. Linda on said:

    Wasn't yesterday such a beautiful day to be out in the garden! I gave myself 2 hours but ended up spending 2 more just puttering around. Been meaning to comment on your river rock wall (raised bed?); it looks great and compliments your flowers very nicely.

  4. Laura on said:

    @aerelonin Good stuff! I hear there's an open house for the community garden in July. i hope to check the place out. Ive heard nothing but good things!@Marguerite I try to go outside with a plan. It's almost laughable, I rarely stick to it. Distractions can be fun!@Linda thank you! The retaining wall was pre existing, and the inspiration for everything else. I use a lot of river rock on the property. I love the colours when it rains, which it does a lot of.

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