What’s growing in the Patio Garden.


The rain may be interrupting my gardening goals, but luckily there’s always something to find covered from the drops up on the patio. The plants are flourishing! So much so that I had to harvest off some of the herbs.

These pictures are pre trimming.

In the Square planter the Rosemary is doing just fine! Marigolds are blooming ( I love the little red ones!) the mint has taken off , and the Cilantro has almost doubled in size.In other pots, the Chives are calling for baked potatoes and summer grilling. The Lemon Thyme is doing well. Unfortunately the Sage I had in this pot bit the dust. It has been to cold for it’s liking. Another that didn’t make it was the Basil. These empty spots will be filled in the coming weeks. My seedlings are getting stronger, and hopefully once the weather gets a little warmer they can join the fun on the patio too.In between those pots, an assortment of herbs and perennials dot my make-shift shelf.The Jacob’s Ladder is blooming. This one is different than the variegated variety that claims space in both my front and back gardens. The blooms are a much darker violet. I love these little flowers!A little lower to the ground the cat grass is keeping not only the cats, but also the children amused. They get a real kick out of letting my indoor cats come visit on the patio. I like that finally they have stopped eating my herbs when I let them out. Win, win!The kids have been doing their best to keep up the watering on their Alpine Strawberry bushes.
There are lots of little flowers hiding under those leaves. Even a few berry’s that just need to ripen.
In other edibles. I picked up my Tomato baskets last week. We did so well with the one we had last year, that this year we decided to kick it up a notch. I picked up three baskets from Amsterdam Nurseries. Now I just have to get a couple more hanging basket brackets and they will all be sun bathing on the front patio.Once the sun shows up of course!


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  1. Mike on said:

    ooops, the comment I meant to make for this post was accidentally attached to yesterday's…I'm so humiliated!

  2. Laura on said:

    @Mike definitely BBQ this summer. Did I mention I am growing potatoes too?

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