Take notice Bees, the roses are blooming!


Well, not all of them.

Maybe just one.

Still I’m putting the Bees on notice. The good stuff has arrived! I do have my first bush of roses in bloom for the year. This is Dreaming Spires a yellow tinged apricot climbing rose. It is still small, and in need of something taller to climb on. Yet it’s the first to bloom.

Other roses are still budding up all over the garden.Beside the rose area, there is a small Alpine Strawberry bush. I love this little treat. Tiny, but packed with a blast of flavor. Some of the Berry’s are just starting to redden. They won’t get too much larger than the big one shown here.
The Coral Bells are blooming.
The Lupine gallery red is just starting to flush with colour.
The Bees are aware.
The Allium, both purple & white are now in full bloom. I love these spikes in spring. Even well after they bloom they are still quite a sight.The Pasque flower is now in it’s furry stage.
All over the garden there are swaths of purple flowers bursting with blooms.
This Clematis’ flowers are huge!
A wonderful sight. For me and the Bees.


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5 comments on “Take notice Bees, the roses are blooming!

  1. Aerelonian on said:

    Blooms everywhere! I'm a huge fan of creamy yellow roses. I also love every clematis I see. Are those thorny plants that seem to grow wild everywhere here raspberries?

  2. The Redneck Rosarian on said:

    The roses are beautiful. I love allium. Have not had much luck growing them. Yours look great!

  3. Laura on said:

    @Aerelonian they are most likely Black Berry. It grows all over the place. Great summertime berry picking, terrible when it invades your garden.@The Redneck Rosarian Thanks! I've lost a couple from last year which is too bad. I love their form.

  4. Karen on said:

    I was just noticing a bumblebee going nutso on my lupines today, it makes me so happy to see that. Alpine strawberries are my favorite too, but I never get to eat any since my kid considers them "hers."

  5. Laura on said:

    @Karen, same with my kiddo's. So I finaly bought them a couple of big planters and a Alpine strawberry bush to tend to. Now hopefully with the increase in Strawberrys I might just get a few!

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